This article/section features spoilers. Continue reading at your own risk.
This article/section features spoilers. Continue reading at your own risk.
This article/section features spoilers. Continue reading at your own risk.

NOTE: There are three spoiler templates at the top. Please do not read this is you are a person who doesn't like spoilers. The spoilers below do not concern elimination but the challenge of the episode. Read at your own risk! Also, please do not post in the comments anything too revealing, you can agree with stuff but don't give too much anyway in the comment. The reason being is because comments show up in the recent activity feed, and spoiler-free people do not want to see comments that spoil pop up in the feed and have to be forced to read them. If spoiler comments continue, then I will ask an admin to disable comments, then you can PM me on certain things.

So the next episode supposedly has the contestants facing their worst fears. I (along with everyone else) thought that it would be competing contestant versus non-competing contestant. That would've been awesome. But instead, the writers make it contestant versus already-competing contestant or mutated creature. -_- Great job writers, that's very original and dramatic. So here are the pair-ups, as the advertisement supposedly spoils:

Scott vs. Fang: a very (sometimes) funny conflict between a human and a...thing. Not a veryh original/surprising match-up. I would've liked Scott vs. B or Scott vs. Dawn. But nope, it's plain-old Fang. I guess he wears a mouth-piece this time to avoid Scott pulling one of his teeth out again.

Courtney vs. Gwen: So ORIGINAL! BEST PAIR-UP EVER! So Gwen and Courtney are each other's worst fears? I'm guessing Chris did this as a joke, I mean unless this is the merge episode (which I highly doubt since the episode after this one has "Chris messes with the team dynamics" in the spoiled plot) then this is a useless fight. They both look tired for some reason and you can tell they don't care about fighting for winning the challenge. I would've liked to see Gwen vs. Trent or Courtney vs. Harold or Sadie.

Alejandro vs. Jose: Now this is one is probably the best. We don't get to see much of Jose in the trailer, but he's there. He looks slightly like a twin to Alejandro, but obviously not. Wander how many times "Al" is used in this episode. I would've thought that Alejandro's greatest fear would be lava (or pineapple stick figures/Drama Machine) but this is fine too. If not Jose, I would've liked to see Alejandro vs. Ezekiel. Wouldn't make sense since Heather won the million in America on TWDT but Zeke still stole the money, so same dip. Plus, Zeke has beef with Alejandro because he blasted him off of the island while he was still in the machine.

Sierra vs. Cody 1 & 2: So, even though the mutation of animals joke was stupid and is SUPPOSED to be dead, Sierra keeps those...things from "No One Eggspects" and they somehow...grow big. Don't ask me how they are considered her fear but okay. I would've liked to see Sierra know what. I don't care! I wanted Sierra gone in the last episode!

Duncan vs....: So we don't see who Duncan fights, but I hope it's Mal. But it will probably be another stupid animal, like the moose because of TDDDDDI. I would've liked to see Cody vs. Duncan or Trent vs. Duncan, but Mal is even better...if it happens.

Zoey vs....: I don't remember seeing Zoey fight, but if she was shown in the trailer, then I believe it was a mutated creature again. Really? I would've liked to see Zoey vs. Anne Maria. Still don't understand how all of these people are scared of these mutated creatures. Maybe it's Larry? Especially Zoey, since she's supposedly a "God character" this season and in TDRI.

Mike vs....: We don't see who Mike (well...Mal) versus but I suppose it's Duncan. It's not Mal's worst fear, but Mal is Duncan's. But if not, it's problem a mutated creature. From the promo, it may be Chef who he fights. LOLz. Probably not though. I would've liked to see Mike vs. Sam (since the game guy) know, that's it. Mike vs. Mal/other personas would've been fun to watch too. But Mal vs. Duncan will be better!

Cameron vs...: Probably anything. Cameron's a weak competitor, scared of a monarch butterfly. Dora the Explorer could scare Cam-Cody.

Well, that's it. Thanks for reading! And please, there are spoiler templates at the top. If you do not want to see spoilers, don't read this. No spoiling comments either unless it's something minor.

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