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  • TheScottBird

    Hey guys, I've returned after a hiatus from this wiki. And, with my return, I bring a question: if the Ridonculous Race was to have another season with nothing but original TD contestants (from Island to All-Stars) what would the two-player teams be? Well, here's my suggestions, but I want to know yours too! Comment below! The suggestions do not need to be connected in anyway, they can be just a two-player team you'd love to see on the show.

    • Ezekiel and Max
    • Eva and Jo 
    • Noah and Dave
    • Justin and Alejandro
    • Katie and Sadie
    • Tyler and Lindsay
    • Izzy and Sky
    • Cody and Amy
    • Beth and Samey
    • Courtney and Trent
    • Harold and Anne Maria
    • Bridgette and Zoey
    • DJ and Rodney
    • Geoff and Leonard
    • Leshawna and Sugar
    • Duncan and Scott/Shawn
    • Heather and Dakota
    • Gwen and Topher
    • Owen and Brick
    • S…
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  • TheScottBird

    Hey guys, TheScottBird here with another fan-made elimination order. You can check out my other elimination orders if you'd like here, but this blog post contains my elimination order for Total Drama: Pahkitew Island only. So enjoy!

    "So, Uh This Is My Team?"
    Eliminated: Leonard
    Reasoning: His method of building a wizard's castle caused his downfall.
    Notes: As I stated above, costing your team the challenge and a shelter for the rest of the season is pretty harsh compared to pretending Sugar farted.
    Place: 14th

    "I Love You, Grease Pig!"
    Eliminated: Beardo
    Reasoning: During the challenge, he decides to "roleplay" (make sound effects) while carrying his team's pig, so he ends up losing the challenge for his team in a similar manner to Leonard in the …

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  • TheScottBird

    Hey guys, TheScottBird here. First off, I love the new wiki design. :) Second, this blog has been made by me to analyze how many normal vote-offs, disqualifications, quits, etc. have occured throughout the series.

    Total Drama Island featured twenty-two contestants, twenty-three eliminations, twenty-six episodes, and two teams. Voted out

    1. Ezekiel (in Not So Happy Campers - Part 2)
    2. Eva (in The Big Sleep)
    3. Noah (in Dodgebrawl)
    4. Justin (in Not Quite Famous)
    5. Katie (in The Sucky Outdoors)
    6. Tyler (in Phobia Factor)
    7. Cody (in Paintball Deer Hunter)
    8. Beth (in If You Can't Take The Heat...)
    9. Sadie (in Who Can You Trust?)
    10. Harold (in X-Treme Torture)
    11. Eva (in No Pain, No Game)
    12. Trent (in Search and Do Not Destroy)
    13. Bridgette (in Hide and Be Sneaky)
    14. Izzy (in Wawanakwa Gone Wild!…

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  • TheScottBird

    So I know this has been a hot topic lately: who is the real TDPI antagonist?

    There have been many villains so far throughout the season, but who is the main one going to be? Or, should I say, already is? No other TD season has waited this long to reveal who the writers are planning on the antagonist being. 

    To back this up:

    • Heather's first antagonistic act was in the third episode of TDI
    • Justin's first antagonistic act was in the fourth episode of TDA
    • Courtney's first antagonistic act was in her debut episode in TDA
    • Alejandro's first antagonistic act was in the third episode of TDWT
    • Scott's first antagonistic act was in the third episode of TDRI
    • Mal's first appearance was in the second episode of TDAS

    So, as for the main antagonist(s) of this seaso…

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  • TheScottBird

    Hey guys. So me and my two cousins are betting on TDPI. By that, I mean that we are all making our own predictions for the rest of the elimiantions in TDPI. Each correct elimination gets $5, so we're gonna be making some cash. :)

    (My prediction is kind of more "laid out" as I'm the one typing this out XD)

    8. Sugar (in This Is The Pits!)

    7. Topher (in Three Zones and A Baby)

    6. Dave (in Hurl and Go Seek)

    5/4. Scarlett & Max(this is a stretch; unless the writers count Samey's elimination as a double elimination, then there has to be another one) (in Scarlett Fever)

    Reward episode: Sky Fall (???)

    3. Jasmine (in Pahk'd With Talent)

    Finalists: Shawn & Sky (also a stretch...I couldn't see a Dave & Sky finale, and nothing else really fit unless Jasmine &…

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