So this is a blog where I want to know who you consider to be the winners and why. For me, it's:



  • Reasons:
    • Beth is the winner on home releases.
    • In the special, she either sold her dad's car or used her winnings to bail Lindsay and herself out of jail. Sorry, neither is believable after destroying the Mona Lisa, but the winnings is slightly more realistic.
    • If Duncan won, he'd have no reason to return in Total Drama World Tour.


Cameron Wilkins

  • Reasons:
    • Cameron is the winner on home releases.
    • He gives away his winnings, leaving him with no money. If Lightning wins, he keeps it, leaving no motive to return next season.


  • Reasons:
    • Zoey is the winner on home releases.
      • It is possible to get Mike's ending on iTunes.
    • In her ending, Mike insults Chef Hatchet, giving him a reason to shoot the meatball gun. In Mike's ending, Zoey compliments Chef, leaving no reason to shoot Mike (which he does anyway).


  • Reasons:
    • Shawn is the winner on home releases.
    • His ending is more complete than Sky's in my opinion.

Police Cadets

  • Reasons:
    • In the end, Don says "Looks like everybody's happy". In the Surfer Dudes' ending, this is not true, as the Cadets are both standing there sad. In the Cadets' ending, the Surfers hug, and say they are just happy they made it to the finale, making this true.
    • Their ending was more complete than the Surfers' ending in my opinion.

So what do you think? Who do you consider the winners and why?

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