So after todays episode, I've done a lot of thinking, and here's a timeline/theory that I like to consider headcannon. Fresh TV has refereed to it as the "Drama-verse", so I call this The Drama-verse Theory.




Emma (left) is from 6teen, and shares many physical similarities with Emma (right) from Stoked.

  • The events of 6teen occur.


Omg total drama in stoked by missskeletrina95-d3kmyqq

Total Drama Action was airing at the time that Stoked took place.



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Jen babysat MacArthur

Evidence for Dates

  • Chris's birthday is November 18, 1978 and is stated to be 30 in Pahkitew Island, setting Pahkitew Island in 2009.
    • This sets All-Stars and The Ridonculous Race 1 in 2009 also, as they were confirmed on Facebook to be the same year.
    • This sets World Tour and Revenge of the Island in 2008, as they were a year before All-Stars.
    • This sets Island and Action in 2007, as they were a year before TDWT/TDRI.
      • Action is show to be airing when Stoked takes place, setting Stoked in 2007.
    • Emma is 16 in Stoked, and 1/2 in 6teen, making 6teen set in 1991/92.


  • If Emma in Stoked and Emma in 6teen are the same, then Jen and Jonesy (main characters from 6teen) are related to the main character from Stoked.
  • Jen is the only character known to have a relation with more than two shows.
    • Emma from Stoked is (possibly) her sister.
    • She babysat MacArthur from The Ridonculous Race.
  • Noah, Owen, Geoff, and Leonard have all appeared in two series, Total Drama and The Ridonculous Race.

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