So, I've noticed a lot of pages on the wiki say that Total Drama: Revenge of the Island takes place three years after Total Drama Island, but I personally believe this to be wrong.

First, it was confirmed on the Facebook page that:

-Total Drama All-Stars, Total Drama: Pahkitew Island, and The Ridonculous Race take place in "year three"

So after doing some thinking, I realized where people started to get the idea that Revenge of the Island was three years after Island. In the episode The Enchanted Franken-Forest, Chris says two lines: "I left him on the Island and kinda forgot about him for a few years" and "Larry hasn't had a decent meal since I stopped feeding him three years ago."

Now, most people would piece it together as Chris left him on the island and stopped feeding him at the same time, but the thing is he doesn't say that. He also doesn't say that he left him there during Total Drama Island. Who's to say that he didn't lose him when they were location scouting a year or two before the show started. This one thing causes a lot of timeline issues (mainly with The Ridonculous Race) and I wanted to remove it from the trivia of pages, so let me know your thoughts on the matter, because as of right now there's no solid proof it takes place three years after.

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