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    I'm not sure if these are currently on the wiki, so I thought I'd make a blog where people can post any Refernces in the new episodes they find.

    For example, no one has mentioned the possible TDWT condor Refernce in episode 19

    And on the chicken bus in episode 20, we see many chickens, but could one of them be Clucky? You can see that most of them have small eyes, but one has The Clucky colour scheme and the big, angry, bloodshot eyes!

    So what Refernces have you seen that haven't been mentioned. And are these ones actual references or coincidences. Post your thoughts in the comments

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  • TheRidonculousDude

    Bonus RR Clips?

    September 27, 2015 by TheRidonculousDude

    I have created a theory about RR:

    TDI, TDRI, and TDPI had audition tapes. TDA had lame-o-sine clips, TDWT had Drop of Shame clips, TDAS had flush of shame clips.

    All The Ridonculous Race has so far are the interviews, but will we get actual bonus clips when it airs on Teletoon.

    Leave your thoughts in the comments.

    ALSO: Tell me which seasons' bonus clips you liked best

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