Hey guys, my name is Joshy. I know I’m not really that active on this wiki, but I pop by every now and then to read blogs or leave comments. Well, now I have finally decided to write a blog myself, and it’s going to be about something that has been bothering me for a while. The unfair hatred towards a character that I myself very much enjoy: Sugar. I know the hate for Sugar hasn’t been as prominent lately, but I have wanted to write this blog for a while and I decided not to let anything stop me. In this blog I will be looking at the reasons why Sugar deserves more admiration, as well as the reasons why she is hated and why I think those reasons are not fair. This is of course all subjective.

One of the main reasons why Sugar is so amazing is because she is very, very diverse. She is so many things at once. She is a pageant queen, and a farm girl. I could mention more sides to her, but those I mentioned are by far the most prominent and they are also the ones I want to get into. I love how they combined two such unlikely factors and yet still made it work. Those are definitely 2 qualities you wouldn’t expect to see together, but Sugar brings them together in a way that actually fits. And before anyone says anything, yes, I know she is a parody of Honey Boo Boo. More on that later.

Sugar RBW Rankings

Another thing I think Sugar deserves credit for is the fact that she is a big girl who is very proud of her body. She thinks the extra pounds make her stronger and more beautiful, and to be honest, they do. Sugar is perfect example for young girls that bigger girls can still be whatever they want to be. They can be pageant queens. This is a major confidence booster for impressionable children that Total Drama really needs, because as we all know, most of the female characters have bodies that would make sticks jealous, so I think it’s good they show that other body types are just as beautiful. I’d like to give some credit to Leshawna in this department as well.

The third and, for now, the last thing I will praise Sugar for is the fact that she is absolutely hilarious. Let’s first give credit where credit is due: Sugar’s voice actress, Rochelle Wilson. She does such an amazing job on this character. The voice she uses for Sugar fits perfectly with her personality and just makes everything she says that much more hilarious. I am from the Netherlands and in my country they gave Sugar the same voice actress they used for Lindsay. Now let me tell you that while that voice actress was a perfect fit for Lindsay, she did not fit Sugar at all and used exactly the same voice. Rochelle Wilson’s amazing delivery adds to some already amazing lines. You cannot deny that Sugar has some very funny lines. Most people would say that Sugar is all about toilet humour, but this is an outright lie. Sugar’s main humour comes from her farm background, her low intelligence and her overconfidence. Add to that her tons of crazy relatives and you’ve got yourself a very funny character. I certainly laughed a lot at the things she said.

Now it’s time to get into the reasons why she is so hated. I will start of with the most mentioned reason. People claim that she is disgusting and a “female Owen”. First of all, just because a character shares one trait with another character does not mean they are in any way the same. Sugar & Owen are very different characters. Second of all, Sugar is not nearly as prone to toilet humour as people say. She only farts in 1 episode. 1 freaking episode. That’s it. The only episode she actually showcases toilet humour in is episode 11 of TDPI, Sky Fall, which was already one of the lesser episodes of the season to begin with. She does mention it some other episodes, but even this doesn’t happen very often. You could argue that the way she would literally eat anything is kinda gross, but with the amount of puke and disgusting eating challenges in Total Drama I think that has become something we should have become used to. Lastly, I would just like to point out that a lot of time when I hear people say they hate Sugar for qualities like toilet humour and her disgusting eating habit, I take a look at those people’s character rankings and see that Owen is almost always in or near the top 10. Umm? Isn’t he literally made up of exactly those qualities? Except without anything else to add to it? I don’t get those people.


Another reason people often use to hate on Sugar is the fact that she is based on Honey Boo Boo (I told you I would get back to that). Well, if you haven’t noticed, let me point something out to you: Almost every character from the 2nd & 3rd generation is a parody of something or someone. And hating the original character does not mean you have to hate the Total Drama version. I hate Jersey Shore, but love Anne Maria. I do not like Paris Hilton, but love Dakota. Or the other way around, I quite liked Wreck-It-Ralph, but I despise Rodney. These characters and the people they’re supposed to be a parody of are different. Total Drama doesn’t blandly copy a character. They add to it and make it more interesting and fitting for their show. I know most people can excuse other characters for what they’re a parody of, so why not Sugar?

Lastly, I think it’s time for the real reason why people hate Sugar, Ella. Ella has had a huge fanbase ever since Total Drama Pahkitew Island premiered, and Sugar got rid of her. Now, you can’t really hate on the antagonist for getting rid of people since that’s kind of their purpose, so people make up other reasons to hate Sugar, like the toilet humour or the Honey Boo Boo parody. Honestly, if you hate her because of Ella, just be honest about it. Getting rid of Ella obviously isn’t the only thing Sugar did. She was also very mean to Ella when Ella tried to befriend her. I personally think that this only makes Sugar’s character better. It shows off her insecurities and her way of thinking all at once. Ella is obviously very beautiful and loved by all, which is very threathening to Sugar, who is so used to everyone loving her and not having to share that spotlight. I think Sugar’s hatred of Ella comes from a form of jealousy, which makes her very afraid of losing her spot as pageant queen of the island. Most of you are probably thinking by now “But Ella was so nice to Sugar. How could she ever think that she was trying to take her spotlight?”. Well, this is a great example of how Sugar views the world. She comes from a world where people smile to your face only to stab you in the back when you don’t expect it, and that’s exactly how she has come to view all of her surroundings. Everything is like one big pageant to her, and she doesn’t believe anyone who’s nice to her could ever be sincere. All this makes Sugar a very interesting and fleshed out character, and all of it is done in under 6 episodes (Ella’s time on the show), which is honestly amazing. Also, just because you love Ella does not mean you have to hate Sugar. Ella is my 2nd favorite TDPI character, right after Sugar. It is possible to love both.


That is all I have to say for now. I hope you enjoyed my blog and that it made you rethink your feelings for Sugar. Please leave comments. I am totally fine with you sharing your opinions about not liking Sugar in the comments as long as you do it in a respectful way. I hope to be back with another blog soon. Maybe. Hopefuly. I don’t know. Bye...

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