Hey guys, I know most of you have probably never heard of me but I came up with something fun.

What if you take the elimination from TDPI and change it the way you'd like but you can only eliminate someone that was in the bottom 2 that episode.


-If a character that was stayed in the actual show is eliminated, the person that stayed over them will take their place in the game (and will be in the bottom 2 next time they're supposed to be).

-Eliminations without a bottom 2 cannot be changed (like sudden deaths for example).

-If a person that's supposed to return isn't eliminated, the person that left in their place will return instead.

So here's what it'd look like in my case:

Ep 1.

Bottom 2: Leonard & Beardo

Eliminated: Leonard

Beardo takes Leonard's place

Ep 2.

Bottom 2: Beardo & Ella

Eliminated: Beardo

Ep 3.

Bottom 2: Amy & Samey

Eliminated: Samey

Amy takes Samey's place.

Ep 4. 

Bottom 2: Scarlett & Rodney

Eliminated: Rodney

Ep 5.

Bottom 2: Amy & Jasmine

Eliminated: Jasmine (Amy takes Jasmine's place)

Ep 6.

Eliminated: Ella (no bottom 2)

Ep 7.

No elimination.

Ep 8.

Eliminated: Topher (no bottom 2)

Ep 9.

Bottom 2: Sky & Dave

Eliminated: Dave

Ep 10.

Eliminated: Scarlett & Max (no bottom 2 for either)

Ep 11.

Eliminated: Amy (sudden death)

Ep 12.

Eliminated: Sugar (sudden death)

Ep 13.

Finalists: Sky Vs. Shawn (I really wanted to change these finalists but I didn't get the chance too)

So that's kinda how it works, try it yourself and see what your elimination order would be!

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