Hey guys, I know most of you have probably never heard of me but I came up with something fun.

What if you take the elimination from TDI and change it the way you'd like but you can only eliminate someone that was in the bottom 2 that episode.


-If a character that was stayed in the actual show is eliminated, the person that stayed over them will take their place in the game (and will be in the bottom 2 next time they're supposed to be).

-Eliminations without a bottom 2 cannot be changed (like sudden deaths for example).

-If a person that's supposed to return isn't eliminated, the person that left in their place will return instead.

So here's what it'd look like in my case:

Ep 1.

No elimination.

Ep 2.

Bottom 2: Courtney & Ezekiel

Eliminated: Ezekiel

Ep 3.

Bottom 2: Harold & Eva

Eliminated: Harold

Eva Takes Harold's place.

Ep 4.

Bottom 2: Noah & Lindsay

Eliminated: Noah

Ep 5.

Bottom 2: Heather & Justin

Eliminated: Justin

Ep 6.

Bottom 2: Katie & Sadie

Eliminated: Sadie

Katie takes Sadie's place.

Ep 7.

Bottom 2: Courtney & Tyler

Eliminated: Tyler

Ep 8.

Bottom 2: Izzy & Lindsay

Eliminated: Lindsay (even though I don't want her to leave).

Izzy takes Lindsay's place.

Ep 9.

Bottom 2: Heather & Cody

Eliminated: Cody

Ep 10.

Bottom 2: Beth & Heather

Eliminated: Beth

Ep 11.

Bottom 2: Katie & Eva

Eliminated: Eva

Katie takes Harold's place.

Ep 12.

Bottom 2: Katie & Courtney

Eliminated: Katie

Courtney takes Harold's place.

Ep 13.

Bottom 2: Courtney & Duncan

Eliminated: Duncan.

Courtney takes Duncan's place.

Ep 14.

No elimination.

Ep 15.

Eva & Lindsay return.

Eliminated: Eva (no official bottom 2)

Ep 16.

Eliminated: Trent (also no real bottom 2)

Ep 17.

Bottom 2: Bridgette & Courtney

Eliminated: Courtney

Bridgette takes Duncan's place.

Ep 18.

Eliminated: Izzy (she's in Lindsay place now, sudden death)

Ep 19.

Eliminated: DJ (also no bottom 2)

Ep 20.

Bottom 2: Lindsay & Gwen

Eliminated: Gwen

Lindsay takes Gwen's place.

Ep 21.

Bottom 2: Geoff & Lindsay

Eliminated: Lindsay

Geoff takes Gwen's place.

Ep 22.

Eliminated: Leshawna (no bottom 2)

Ep 23.

Eliminated: Mr. Coconut (also no bottom 2)

Ep 24.

Bottom 2: Bridgette & Owen

Eliminated: Owen

Bridgette takes Owen's place.

Ep 25.

Eliminated: Heather (sudden death)

Ep 26.

Finalists: Geoff Vs. Bridgette (Wow, I wasn't expecting to have a couple in final 2, I'll change something about this later before this ends up like the Zoke finale)

So that's kinda how it works, try it yourself and see what your elimination order would be!

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