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    What if?

    August 12, 2015 by TheFearedPurpleMan

    Has anyone realized how drastically the events of the entire Total Drama series would change if someone had stopped Ezekiel from saying his sexist comment in the first episode?

    Courtney would go home, meaning she would never bring Duncan into the light. Duncan would become the Season 1 main antagonist, along with the chance that Ezekiel would help Eva foil Heather's plans. DJ would be the censored speaker in Episode 16 instead of Lindsay, and Geoff would unintentionally save Heather from elimination.

    And in Total Drama Action, Ezekiel and Beth might hook up, therefore meaning that Duncan and Heather form an alliance and foil Justin's plans. Meanwhile, that makes Courtney get gone as she has no allies in TDA, with Duncan winning TDA. Then TDW…

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