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    These are a list of my fannon couples. NOTE : None of these are real or upcoming)

    Alejandro + Katie Alejanie or Katdro

    Bridgette + Noah Bridgah or Noette

    Beth + Geoff Beff or Geoth

    Cody + Gwen Coden or Gweny

    Courtney + Trent Courtent or Treney

    DJ + Sierra DJra or SieJ

    Duncan + Lindsay Duncsay or Lindsan

    Eva + Ezekekiel Eviel or Ezeka

    Harold + Sadie Harie or Sadold

    Heahter + Tyler Heather or Tyler

    Izzy + Josh Izzosh or Jozzy

    Justin + LeShawna Justawna or LeShustin

    Owen + Blainely Owey or Blainelen

    Thats them!

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