The Total Drama fandom is full with great people. Here, most of the users are mature, kind and helpful. On Tumblr, most of the fans are also mature and funny. On dA, there are a bunch of great arts and memes created by Total Drama fans, which is the reason why I love dA so much. On facebook... well I don't know. I deactivated my Facebook account last month because I had no time for Facebook, but before that, the fans there were pretty cool. Not as great as here but still cool. Now on Youtube... GOD HELP ME!

In June 29 I decided to make a "Top 52 Total Drama Characters" video and I was the first person on Youtube who did that. 

Link to the video: (My Rankings completely changed after rewatching the whole series in September)

As you can notice, I have 32 likes and 45 dislikes...

You may ask now "What's with all these dislikes?" Well, all those people who disliked my video are just a bunch of Cody and Mike fantards. Oh and those fantards must be like 10 or 8 years old.. those kids should NOT watch these type of cartoons IMO. They know NOTHING about reality shows, they are obsessed over Cody because most of the people on Youtube DO THAT! (I don't know why BTW) Same for Mike! Just watch some list videos on Youtube and you'll see that Mike and Cody are very high on almost every list! I know, Total Drama is for kids now, Blah, Blah, Blah, but TDI and even TDA and TDWT did contain some scenes that were not for 8-10 years old kids. I have watched some "top 6 Total Drama Seasons" on youtube and guess what!? TDI (and TDPI) is their least favorite season and TDAS (and TDWT) is their favorite season! Why? Because Mike and Zoey were in the finale in TDAS, and TDWT because Cody made it to the final 3.. I have no Idea why does those kids hate TDI and TDPI..

For example, Let me read a comment.. 

Cody Fan: CODY IS WAY TOO LOW (with 2 likes)Me: I think he's way too high.Cody fantard: get off this site and go f*** a dog 

Let me read another one... 

Owen fan: i stopped watching on 0:41 and i knew then this was going to be s*** so i disliked sorry dude 

I... I.. don't know how to even feel about this!  

But not every Total Drama fan on Youtube is bad, there are some great fans as well! For example, RealTDILola who can make great videos and her camps are just EPIC!  

So yeah, some Total drama fans on youtube just make me SICK! Thank you for reading and have a great day! :) 

DipDap out. 

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