I was watching TDA today on Cartoon Network and they showed Beth's ending instead of Duncan's. So that means Beth is the official winner in USA not Duncan?! O_O

This was years ago. I was watching a CN livestream and they aired TDA, my favorite season. Before that I thought USA always aired Duncan's ending, but that day, I saw Beth winning the 1 million dollars. 

I was so shocked I had to make this blog instantly. Back then I was LAZy with a big LAZ, and I didn't read any of the rules of the wiki. 

Now I know I made a mistake with this blog thanks to WM who has a great icon.

Still though, why did they air Beth's ending?

Why does Beth look straight into my soul in that picture?

And why is Duncan's name "Duncan"?

Comment below your thoughts. 

Beth TDA Rank

Official Winner in USA?

Duncan TDA Rank

Alternate Winner in USA?

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