Note: These pictures contain disturbing faces made by me. Try not to laugh or grin at them! :)

I made these a night when I was bored. I downloaded these high quality pictures and did some MS Paint magic on them.

I'm a little proud at how they came out.

Especially Topher in the first picture, Scarlett in the second picture, Dave and Leonard in the third picture, Jasmine and Scarlett in the fourth picture, all three from the fifth picture, and Ella and Sky in the last picture.

I don't like how Heather came out that.

That looks lame.

Edited Picture 1

Edited Picture 2

Edited Picture 3

Edited Picture 4

Rodney's galsss

Jasmine still crazy and Topher too
Tumblr nezvtmc8s61tua79ko1 1280
Edited Picture 5

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