Many people wanted me continue these blogs, so I decided to continue them. Yay! I'm still surprised that I got 189 comments on my Sugar blog. XD This time, i'm going to talk about a guy, who has been pretty much forgotten nowadays, amd that guy is.... Mike! Nah just kidding. It's Trent! 

Why people hate/love him

Some people hate Trent for the following 3 reasons:

1. He's boring

2. He's a Gary-Stu

3. He was weird and creepy in TDA

Trent wasn't that much hated in TDI, but wasnt that much loved either. His fanbase wasn't that large, and nowadays his fanbase is almost dead. Some people think he was boring in TDI because he didn't have too many plots. Besides his relationship with Gwen and his conflict with Heather, he didn't really have any
Trent TDI Rank


friends or enemies in the show. Many people think his only purpose on the show was to be Gwen's love interest and that's it. People think he was a gary-stu because he was good in almost every challenge. We didn't really knew anything about him (in TDI) besides that he can play guitar and loves music. He still had some fans, but when TDA happened, his fanbase literally died. Not many people liked how he threw the challenges for Gwen and his number 9 obsession. This caused his breakup with Gwen and his elimination too. After that, Trent didn't even compete in the other seasons and was pretty much forgotten by both the producers and the fans. Many people doubt he will every appear in the series again.

My Opinion

I have seriously no opinion on Trent. I don't like him, but I don't dislike him either. In TDI, he was just... there to me. I can agree with the people who say he was just Gwen's love interest and nothing more. He did


interact with Owen, Lindsay and Cody though, but that's not enough. He creeped me out in TDA tbh. He did interact with more people in TDA and I liked that (Duncan, Justin, Beth). His breakup with Gwen didn't made me angry, sad or happy. I never really cared about Gwent. I honestly dislike those couple that you KNOW will happen, no matter what. I like the random couples more tbh. Like Owen and Izzy, Jasmine and Shawn, Sam and Dakota, Lindsay and Tyler. I don't know what else to say about Trent. He was just.. there. I have to admit, his voice is great! Scott McCord is one of my favorite voice actors in this show, and he did a great job on Trent! I also have to admit, I really like his design! I only dislike his head shape, but besides that, his design is cool. 

So yeah that's it for today. What do you think of Trent? Do you think he will ever EVER appear in the show again as a contestant? Tell me in the comments.

Thank you for reading! Bye! xoxo.

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