So... yeah. This summer is so boring to me. My family is too busy with work so we won't go somewhere this summer. All my other friends are elsewhere so I need to stay home... the entire summer. What do I do? Well watch TV, study for school that is coming in September for me, eat, drink, sleep and... that's it. I'm so bored that I decided to continue these blogs.

Today I will talk about a character that.. well.. yeah. He's Tofu Topher.

What can I say about him? He's really a mixed bag for many people. He's either really hated or it's just okay. I only
The Topher experience 2

Disgusting. A guy twerking. Only Al can do that!

saw like 2 people that would put him in his/hers Top 10 Characters list. He was pretty promising we when we first saw him. I thought he was going to be a new Alejandro/Justin (he kinda was). Then we saw that he's a Chris fanboy and many people already called him the new Sierra with Justin's attitude. And he was just like that.. for the first 5 episodes. People seemed to kinda like him in the first 2 episodes but then he got a lot of hate for being annoying and not interacting with the other characters. He started his plot in episode 6 with wanting to steal Chris's job and we all knew that his plan won't succeed. (It would've been cool though). I think the episode where he was liked the most was episode 7 because after 6 episodes, he finally interacted with somebody that is not Chris. The interactions between him and Jasmine were pretty forced, I mean, he had no choice. He had to talk with her. His plot ended in episode 8 and he was seriously focused in episode 8. One of my problems with Pahkitew Island (Even though I like that season) is that the eliminated contestants are too focused in their elimination episode. (Scarlett, Topher, Dave, Rodney and Amy are good examples.) In the end, Topher it's just a mixed bad in this wiki. 

Don't get me started on the ships. This guy is literally shipped with every girl in TD just because he looks "hot". Ew. I like Tophella tho, *gets shot*

To me, Topher is alright. Not a good character but not a bad character either. (Like a said, a mixed bag). His plot was to try to become a host and the plot was actually well written to me. Topher didn't care about the money and that
Scarlett and Topher glare

Okay,not lying in here, my favorite photo of Topher. I want these 2 to interact more WRITERS!!!

explains why he didn't really care about some challenges. I mean, you can't say he didn't try in all of them. He helped his team in the first episode, did his leg in the second and he tried to win the challenges for his team in episode 5 and 6. He probably did something in episode 4 offscreen, idk. Him not interacting with other characters kinda bothered me but then again, besides Jasmine, Sugar and Sky every character only interacted with one or two characters. (Scarlett only interacted with Max and had really minor interactions with Rodney and Scarlett in the whole show while Topher interacted with Jasmine and Chris. This makes Topher a better character than Scarlett interactions wise.) Overall, I don't think Topher is bad character but I do think he could've interacted with atleast Rodney. Telling him some fashion tips would be pretty cool. I do want to see him in the future becasue I do think this character still has a lot of potential left, but I doubt we will ever see him again. The writters would only make the mergers come back. (although, I don't know what can they do with Max anymore. The other 6 characters are fine but Max and most likely Sugar too will be fodder if they come back.)

So yeah thank you for reading this blog. Sorry for wasting your time. Comment your opinion on this guy if you want. 

Peace and love. (I'm not a TTG fan but that song was pretty catchy. Don't kill me please.)