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Hello, total drama wiki members! I decided to make my first ranking blog. This blog will be about the top 10 total drama episodes that I think are the worst. Don't get me wrong, I ADORE Total Drama, but there were some episodes that I didn't really liked. Enjoy! :D

                                 10. Moon Madness from Total Drama All-Stars


When I saw the trailer of this episode, I was excited. I thought that this episode will be great, funny and interesting. Man, I was wrong. First of all, the challenge was childish and stupid. Blue Harvest Moon? Seriously? Second, Gwencan's breakup was rushed, and third Cameron was moved to the Villainous Vultures. Heather and Scott were the only enjoyable characters in this episode, especially Heather. Besides them, no one was interesting or enjoyable in this episode.

                            9. African Lying Safari from Total Drama World Tour


Just look at this picture and you'll understand why I hated this episode. This episode pretty much destroyed Ezekiel's character. He's not a human anymore, he's a joke, an unfunny joke. The challenge was horrible, just HORRIBLE! Cody, the fan favorite did absolutely NOTHING in the whole episode, he was just there. Sierra carried him to the final 4 and she saved his life, but he still voted for her. The song was awful too. Overall, it was an awful episode, atleast Duncan was finally eliminated.

                        8. Crouching Courtney, Hidden Owen from Total Drama Action

Owen Courtney Beth

OMG, MOST FORGETTABLE EPISODE EVER!! I'm serious, this episode was boring and forgettable. I tried to re-watch it yesterday, but it was so boring, I almost fell asleep by watching it. The challenge was okay, I like kung-fu movies. The only thing that i'll always remember about this episode was when Harold punched Duncan in the face. That was fantastic! But other than that, there was nothing memorable about this episode. And Owen annoyed me to death. 

       7. The Treasure Island of Dr. McLean from Total Drama: Revenge of the Island

The Treasure Island of Dr. McLean

This is one of those episodes which didn't make me laugh at all. Instead, I almost cried. Yes, I almost cried, because my favorite character turned into a mutant and she most likely never gonna turn back into a human again. Chris was big a**ho*e in this episode, he didn't even fell sorry for her. Who am I kidding? No one even fell sorry for her except for Zoey. Seeing your favorite character turning into a mutant is..sad. Lightning was funny though.

                 6. Picnic at Hanging Dork from Total Drama World Tour


The whole episode was about the love triangle. When the episode started, I thought it will end up happily. Gwen, Courtney and Duncan become friends again, but that did not happen. Gwen was way too OOC in this episode and Duncan was a total jerk. Sierra and Cody didn't really do anything and Owen was way more annoying in here than in Crouching Courtney, Hidden Owen . It was just a waste of 22 minutes of my life. I'll never watch it again. The song was okay though.

                                     5. Rock n' Rule from Total Drama Action

Rock N Rule

Writers: "Hey, let's bring back Owen who won the last season because he's funny and kids love him, but now let's make him a villain, and let's eliminate that stupid blonde chick Lindsay who's the fan favorite of the season right now and everyone is rooting for her, and let's eliminate her in the most stupidest way it is possible." Duncan laughing at Lindsay was painful. I almost punched my TV when I heard him laughing at Lindsay. Why was Duncan switched to the Heroes again? Enough said.

                              4. The Final Wreck-ening from Total Drama All-Stars

Mal vs Zoey

This episode was seriously written by 2 peoples? It was like written by an 8 years old kid. This episode was so incredibly bland and poorly writer. The winner, the 8 ballooned all stars, Owen's horrible cameo, camp wawanakwa's death and the reset button. These were the reasons why I hated this episode, and I know that i'm not the only one who hated this episode to death. Aleheather was not enough to save this episode. Terrible finale for a terrible season.

                          3. The Bold and the Booty-ful from Total Drama All-Stars


This is another episode that I was excited for because of the trailer, and I heard that LeShawna may make a cameo appearance. Man I was wrong again. This episode started with a yeti pooping into the Flush of Shame...DISGUSTING! Unfortunately, this is not the last poop joke, as Gwen decides to fix a picture with some animal droppings..AGAIN DISGUSTING! Only a 10 years old would laugh at these scenes. There was nothing good about this episode. Gwen and Scott were dumbed down, especially Scott. What happened with our ROTI antagonist? Zoey godplayed so much, how can a smalltown girl be that good at everything? The whole episode was predictable, forgettable, NOT FUNNY, gross and just incredibly bad. Where was LeShawna in this episode?

                          2. Sundae Muddy Sundae from Total Drama All-Stars


More like Sundae Destroyer Sundae. This episode destroyed the girl who started to develop, the girl who started to become good again, the girl who got a new boyfriend and got a new friend, the girl who had a big ability to win, Courtney. Everyone hates this episode.  This episode destroyed every good thing Total Drama All-Stars had. Thank you Ed MacDonald! We love you! This episode belongs to hell!

                               Now, before we continue, here are a few Dishonorable Mentions:

1. The Enchanted Franken-Forest (TDROTI) - The last female was eliminated in it, and Lightning annoyed me to death.

2. 3:10 to Crazytown (TDA) - Trent got derailed in it, and the whole episode was boring until the last minutes.

3. The Chefshank Redemption (TDA) - Same as 3:10 to Crazytown, but this time Gwen was derailed instead of Trent.

4. No One Eggspects The Spanish Opposition (TDAS) - it was predictable as hell and Heather was derailed in it.

5. Hurl and Go Seek (TDPI) - Dave was derailed in it.

                                          1. Hide and Be Sneaky from Total Drama Island


Yes, Hide and be Sneaky is my least favorite episode EVER! Why? Mostly because of the elimination. Okay, this is the ONLY episode written by Tom McGillis which contain an elimination. Bridgette was his victim. Okay, let's analyze the elimination. DJ, Owen and Duncan voted for Bridgette (Confirmed), Heather, Izzy and Lindsay voted for Owen (semi confirmed) and LeShawna, Gwen and Bridgette voted for Duncan (Confirmed) It was confirmed 3 times that Geoff did not vote for Bridgette. He most likely voted for Heather because she's the only one that Geoff dislikes. So how was Bridgette eliminated? Easily, because Tom Mcgillis hates her. There should've been a tie breaker challenge but no, because Owen, would've been eliminated in it and he's Tom Mcgillis favorite. -_-. But there are other moments which confirms that Tom hates Bridgette. Some skunks sprayed Bridgette. Fart joke anyone? And was that necessary? No, it wasn't. When Bridgette was eliminated, no one even said goodbye to her (expect Geoff) Wait a minute, what about LeShawna, Gwen and DJ? Aren't they Bridgette's friends? Not to mention, they were all happy in the beginning of the next episode. In the end of the episode, Bridgette and Geoff almost kissed but Geoff recoils at the last second because of Bridgette's skunk stench. -_-. That's enough.  This is called bullying. The writer bullied the contestant in here. The challenge was boring for me, and the only enjoyable characters in this episode were LeShawna and Izzy. I HATED this episode more than Sundae Muddy Sundae. I know many people like it, but I just don't like it. I'll never watch this episode again and Tom please stop writing because you're a TERRIBLE writer! Rant over.

                           Thank you for reading! Please comment what do you think about my list.