Welcome to my last team review blog! After this I'll do an overall RR review probably Sunday or Monday, and after that, I'll disappear. For a long time. Well, until the next season will be announced. If TD is cancelled, then i'm not coming back at all. Welp after a really disappointing episode, we got a really great finale! Yeah yeah, there are some minor problems with it (the banana scene was gross asf) but don't act like TDI's finale was better. I honestly think this was the best finale so far. I only like 5 finales out of 7. This, TDA, TDWT, TDI and TDPI. The rest were atrocious imo. Now let's start the review. 

Jacques and Josee - I didn't dislike any team this episode. They were pretty funny especially when Josee freaked out when they were in a traffic. I honestly thought they will be in the final 2, because it really looked like the Police Cadets will lose. Thank God they didn't. Jacques and Josee got what almost everyone in the fandom predicted they will. Third place. That was their karma. No bald thing, no vulcano, NO DYING, nothing. Just getting eliminated. I don't know what to think about this. At one point, i'm happy they didn't get an over the top karma like Al, Scott and Mal, but at the same time, I expected more. They did so many bad things during the competition, especially Josee. Not gonna lie, Josee's freakout was hilarious, especially when she attacked Don and Don was scared asf (his hair in that scene tho). Then she said she will try to become a better person, right after she pushed a poor old woman into the water Rofl. Them in the peanut gallery was hilarious too. I expected Loki to attack them, but sadly that didn't happen. Overall, they were great in this episode, I just expected way more karma. 9/10

Brody and Geoff - I talk about them now because I refuse to call them the canon winners. Sorry not sorry. So, Geoff and Brody were in the lead in the beginning in the episode, they had some okay lines, I guess. They mention how they can't believe they made it to the finale after they returned. I can't believe it either. Then we got a disgusting banana joke but it referenced the first episode, so meh. Then they were in the lead again and had some dumb moments in the water with the boat. They got the right number, and it looked like The Police Cadets were in the lead, but magically Geoff and Brody were faster than then. You see, this is why I think this isn't the canon ending. We all saw that the Cadets were in the lead, so how did Geoff and Brody pass them? Heck, even at the stairs, Sanders and MacArthur were STILL in the lead! Then MacArthur x Brody is a thing now i guess, they talked about how amazing it is that they won, and throwed the money in the ground. Okay that was hilarious and cute. I don't dislike them, but i'm 100% sure that what we saw was the alternate ending. They get an 8/10 from me. 

Sanders and MacArthur - The first time my favorite character/team made it to the finale. I'm not kidding. Sanders and MacArthur were also stuck in that traffic, but thanks to Sanders they got out from that traffic. Then Sanders mentioned that they need the money (I wonder why). Sanders being the good cop that she is, she didn't want to park irregularly so she looked for a better place. Then they stole a hot-dog car, which was hilarious and made it to the chill zone faster than the Ice Skaters, but when MacArthur wanted to hand the travel tip to Don the wind blew it away. Yeah, I was really annoyed when that happened. I hate it when something like that happens in any show. The travel tip falls into the sewer. MacArthur tried to get it back but she failed, then Sanders takes off her cast and got the travel tip back. You go gurl! I adored Sanders in that moment. And thanks to MacArthur being faster than the Ice Skaters, they made it to the chill zone. MacArthur helped Sanders and admitted that Sanders is way tougher than she thought. She said, maybe she's the underdog in the group. DEVELOPEMT. I ADORE THESE 2. They got the right number and were seen to win, until The Surfers maggically beat them. MacArthur told Brody to call her (can I too please, Valentina?) and Sanders talked about how 2nd place isn't that bad. Imo, 2nd place is worse than last place. Working that hard, making it to the finale, and a returning team to beat them.. I would've kill myself right in that moment. Overall, they were the best team this episode, and the canon winners in my eyes. 10/10

I would like to mention the animation in this episode. It was perfect. The backgrounds were really well made, there were a lot of background characters and some familliar faces (Chris, Anne Maria, Blaineley in a pink dress, a girl that imo is Sky's sister but who knoes, Rodney's and Sugar's shoes were seen, a skull that Duncan used to make, a wanted poster of Ezekiel, the hobo, etc). So yeah, a lot of cameos and I LOVED THEM. I just don't get why didn't they make cameos like these in the previous episodes, but meh. Also, they used CGI in this episode. Something that they never did. CGI in Total Drama. Wow. 

And of course, the peanut gallery. THANK YOU TERRY FOR NOT MAKING THEM FLOAT ALL THE WAY TO THE SUN!. It was nice to see every single one of them. We also saw that the Vegans are alright, Devin looks better as well, and everybody was happy (except the Ice Skaters of course). Only 5 eliminated teams had lines. Rockers, Stepbrothers, Tennis Rivals, Mom and Daughter and believe it or not, the Goths. I was so shocked. I thought the Sisters, Reality TV Pros and Best Friends wil have the most amount of lines, but they didn't say anything. Instead, we got the Goths, who are happy that the Ice Dancers lost XD, the Tennis Rivals who said they are better than everyone and mocked the Surfers... why do people like this team so much? We got the Stepbrothers who are rooting for the Cadets (aren't you guys the one who kicked their backs in Brasil tho?), It's weird that they are rooting for them and not for the Surfers who were really friendly with them in Romania. We got Taylor and Kelly, Taylor said she doesn't care that they got eliminated and she's happy she didn't have to eat worms and share a sauna with others. Kelly seems to love her daughter now. I love this team <3 I thought they will be silent. Thank God they weren't.  And lastly, we got the Rockers who were the funniest of them all. Spud being happy about "making it to the finale" and almost killing Rock made me laugh for 2 hours. They went from my least favorite team to one of my favorites. Wow. Thank you TD Writters for not killing them.

The finale gets an 9.5/10 from me. 

Overall rankings:

3rd) Surfers

2nd) Ice Dancers

1st) Police Cadets

Best Moment of the episode:

Queen Sanders I want u

Sanders getting the tip back!

Funniest Moment of the episode:

RIP Rock

Spud almost killing Rock in the confessional!

Best Character of the episode:


Thank you for reading! Check out the RR elimination order video that I made!

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