Welcome back to DipDap's reviews! Before i start, let me just say that I hate those people that don't respect other people's opinion. There are some people, who, believe me, LIKE SUNDAE MUDDY SUNDAE, and there's someone who calls those people disgusting in the comments. Like, grow up. You have to accept it that there are people who like it. It makes you look incredibly immature when you act like this. Just because you hate it, doesn't mean everybody has to hate it. Now back to the topic, MILES SMITH IS BACK. The one who gave us Scarlett Fever. Was this episode good? Yes. It was. Just like episode 8, this episode also focused a lot on the interactions. I give it an 8/10. Now let's start dis thang.

Taylor and Kelly - Kelly was great! It's nice to see the 2 parents interact (and it makes me sad that they are both married). Taylor was her usual self. Kelly stood up for herself again. In the end, both decided to go shopping and got out from the competition. I don't know what to call this. Kelly definitely developed, but I feel like Taylor deserved some karma. I love her, but I wouldn't mind if she would get bald or mutated. Whatever, it was nice to see them being on good terms. Who thought this will be the team that will go shopping? Not me. I'll miss them. 10/10

Sanders and MacArthur - You know my stupid logic. If they don't talk, they don't get more than 5. Sorry. 5/10

Emma and Kitty - Say what you want, but I feel like this Noah x Emma plotline makes Emma more likeable. She shows more personality and humanity. Kitty was amazing as always. Gurl deserves her own show. No, really. My only problem with them was... nevermind. To me they were great in this episode. I just wish Kitty would hook up with a hot guy already. She likes Brody, Geoff (both are hot) and said Devin is cute. Ew. Devin is not cute. Yeah his hairstyle is cool, and his body is alright, but his face is pretty ugly and not to mention, his brain. So yeah, Kitty needs a hot guy. 10/10

Mickey and Jay - Yeah. They are basically a waste of space now. After Brasil, they have no more storyline left. It's time to go already. But they were okay in this episode. 6/10

Owen and Noah - Basically what I said about Kitty and Emma. I'm loving this Emma and Noah storyline and this Kitty and Owen friendship. Owen was also hilarious in this episode. And Noah's line was golden about the dollar store. Noah said something funny! FInally! The good thing is, this team will be even better in episode 10/11 (don't want to spoil). 10/10

Geoff and Brody - The hot tub scene <3 Brody was seen to be a little bit annoyed by Geoff in this episode. Maybe a future storyline? I don't remember them doing much, but I really liked how they clapped the twins for winning the tennis challenge. That was really sweet. Classic Geoff. 7/10

Dwayne and Junior - Dwayne was a pig to Kelly in this. Junior was pretty weird when he tossed the twins aside. That is the only thing I remember them doing. Thank you Dwayne for ruining a potential friendship between you and Kelly. 6/10

Rock and Spud - As always, these 2 were mostly on the background. But I have to say, this is the first time I liked Spud more than Rock. It's nice to see Spud finally doing the challenges, and like Geoff and Brody, these 2 also get plus points for clapping the twins. 6/10

Chet and Lorenzo - Can these 2 just die already? How the heck did they make it this far? They are annoying, so far zero development, and just overall unlikeable. Get out already! Also, stop re-using animation for these 2 waste of space characters already! Can't believe i'm saying this, but Spud is a better character than these 2. 3/10

Jacques and Josee - Josee's laugh was priceless. Wait, who would name their daughter Josee? Anyway, they were really funny in this. I liked those scene with them and Carrie and Devin (though it was mostly Devin that fought with them). I also liked their reaction when Don said they came in 4th place. 8/10

Carrie and Devin - I hate Devin. He's just a male TDAS Zoey. Both are hopeless, bland braindeads. The only good thing that Devin ever did was his interaction with Jacques, which was in this episode. Carrie is a good character. Better than I expected her to be. 7/10

Stephanie and Ryan - "What are you going to do? Annoy it to death?" That line was golden, and sadly, that's the only thing I remember them doing in this episode. 6/10

Crimson and Ennui - They were silent. Again. Ennui playing tennis was hilarious though. 6/10

Overall rankings:

13th. Chet and poo head.

12th. Sanders and MacArthur

11th. Crimson and Ennui

10th. Mickey and Jay

9th. Rock and Spud

8th. Ryan and Stephanie

7th. Dwayne and Junior

6th. Geoff and Brody

5th. Carrie and Devin

4th. Josee and Jacques

3rd. Noah and Owen

2nd. Emma and Kitty

1st. Taylor and Kelly

Funnies moment of this episode:

File:Evil Laughhahahahhahaha.png

Josee's evil laugh! :D Sorry, no gif this time.

Best character of this episode:


Queen Robbed Goddess Kelly!

Thank you for reading! 

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