Welcome back to DipDap's reviews! Well, Shelley didn't dissapoint me. This is the first episode of RR that focused more on the character interactions than on the challenge itself. Classic Shelley. I've seen all the other episodes, and all I can say is that episode 9 is great, episode 10 is on the same level as episode 4: Eh. Episode 11 is okay. Now let's start the team reviews.

Geoff and Brody - OTP I SHIP THEMMM!@!!!! <333333333 Seriously, why are Geoff and Bridgette dating? Why can't Bridgette be with DJ and Geoff with Brody? <3 These 2 are just so cute. I was seriously fangirling when they hugged eachother when they came in first. Ew, Brody x MacArthur should never happen. Geoff x Brody 4evur <33333333333333333333333 8/10

Owen and Noah - I can't believe i'm saying this, but Owen is way better in this spin-off than Noah. Owen  was always funny. I loved it when they and the Sisters were playing at the beginning of the episode. I also love the friendship between Kitty and Owen. It reminds me alot of Lindsay and Owen. Noah was... eh. Really eh. But he will get better. 7/10

Rock and Spud - it was nice finally seeing Spud doing the challenge, but this team was just mostly in the background. As always. 6/10

Mickey and Jay - Eh. They were.. okay. I don't really remember them doing anything. 6/10

Dwayne and Junior - They were hilarious. Again. As long as they aren't the main focus, Dwayne is likeable. And so is Junior. 7/10

Chet and Lorenzo - They are still annoying and act like little kids. It's funny how Junior acts more mature than many other characters in this show. 5/10

Sanders and MacArthur - MacArthur's farts weren't funny. Please don't do that again MacArthur! I love the friendship between them and Geoff and Brody. Hopefully, this won't become a relationship. Sanders was alright. 7/10

Crimson and Ennui - Their confessional about leaving Romania at the beginning of the episode was hilarious. Sadly, they were mostly in the background. 6/10

Jacques and Josee - Of course Jacques didn't wash his boxer since the beginning of the race because WHEN DID HE EVEN HAVE TIME FO DAT! 


Anyway, they were pretty funny in this episode. I liked how Josee yelled at the Best Friends and Jacques's injuries. 9/10

Stphanie and Ryan - Stephanie is now the most hated female character of this season. (Sorry Taylor, but you've been replaced). Honestly, I liked Stephanie because she shows more character and more personality. Ryan was eh. Hopefully he will get better. Also, why is Ryan so big? 8/10

Carrie and Devin - I adored Carrie in this episode. I feel bad for her now. A little bit. I adored her interactions with Kitty in this episode. Devin is still one-note and has no personality. It's obvious who's the main character between these 2. I honestly like Shelley more than Devin. Imagine Carrie and Shelley as duo. That would be cool! 8/10

Emma And Kitty - Okay, first, Emma. She was really unlikeable in this episode. She didn't care about Kitty's safety at all and she looks like she doesn't care about Noah. Nemma is weird, but it will get better in the future. Kitty on the other hand.. best RR character ever. Without a doubt. Kitty is what makes this season so beautiful in my eyes. I adored her interactions with Carrie, Owen and of course, her fighting with Stephanie. Aside, from Geoff and Brody, this girl had the most amount of interactions with the other characters so far, and she has the most amount of friends so far. Keep it up gurl! 8/10

Taylor and Kelly - This was their best episode. I was waiting for a long tome for a Dwayne-Junior-Kelly-Taylor interaction and we finally got one! We know that Taylor is a daddy's girl. So cute! Kelly finally put Taylor in her place! YOU GO GURL!. And Taylor's swimming was epic. She deserves way more medals. 10/10

Overall Rankings:

13th. Lorenzo and Chet

12th. Rock and Spud

11th. Mickey and Jay

10th. Crimson and Ennui

9th. Sanders and MacArthur

8th. Owen and Noah

7th. Dwayne and Junior

6th. Carrie and Devin

5th. Stephanie and Ryan

4th. Geoff and Brody <3

3rd. Emma and Kitty

2nd. Jacques and Josee

1st. Kelly and Taylor

Funniest Moment/s of the episode:



Best Character of the episode:



Thank you for reading!

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