Welcome back to DipDap's reviews! Well, this episode was pretty bad.. not TDAS afwul, but it's definitely not as good as the previous 5 episodes. I give it a 4.5 points out of 10. Also, the elimination order so far is really... different. But I know some male pairs are going soon. This gender thingy is really tacky. I think the season that handled the gender ratio the best was TDWT imo. Anyway, let's start the team review!

Carrie and Devin - These 2 had zero lines in this episode and i'm honestly glad. These 2 are still bland. What happened with the Junior plot that started in episode 4? That gave Carrie some other plots to work with.Was that just a TDAS Gwen and Alejandro or something? Anyway, I give them a 5/10

Stephanie and Ryan - Stephanie shows her true character episode after episode and I like it! I already said in my episode 3 review that I like bossy Stephanie. This gives her some personality. Ryan still has to impress me. 7/10

Tom and Jen - Another pair that had zero lines. 5/10

Ennui and Crimson - These 2 are still good at comedy. They act more gothic than Gwen ever did and I like it. My only problem with them is that they didn't do anything in the first 4 episodes. Nothing at all. That's why they aren't my favorite characters, but I still like them. Plus points for Crimson's costume. 8/10

Jacques and Josee - While Jacques is starting to bore me since episode 4, Josee is more and more interesting. I liked Josee's mean side in this episode. Especially when she wanted to hurt Junior (child abuse) but accidentally hit Jacques with that coconut. That was funny. I also liked her line at the end. "Ha! Take that Vega-" It shows that she's an evil person. BUT PLEASE SABOTAGE A TEAM ALREADY AS;KDJA;SKLJD. 9/10

Laurie and Miles - some people call this episode an SMS because of many bad things happening to Laurie. Did you guys notice that all this things happened to only Laurie? Nothing bad happened with Miles besides getting eliminated of course. My theory is that this is Laurie's karma for cursing Dwayne and beating up Don. Honestly, I didn't care at all about Laurie, but I'm glad she didn't curse Mickey for what he did to her accidentally. Miles on the other hand was a good character and I fell sad for her. Hope they'll return because their elimination was just so.. empty. It was kinda BS too. 7/10

Taylor and Kelly - Their best episode yet. They started to finally work as a team, and omg what a great team are they. From 13th to 3rd? Good job girls! I adore Taylor. She has some really good lines like "it was so RATCHET I played it once and threw it away". Kelly is also great. She finally started to stand up for herself without being too mean with her daughter. Taylor treating Mickey and Kitty telling her off was really great. Why isn't Taylor the main antagonist, honestly? I want to see more of this Kitty vs Taylor since these 2 are my favorites. Whatever. The beginning of the episode was disgusting though, and it's one of the reasons why I didn't like this episode that much. A cow pooped on Taylor's boots. Writers, poop jokes ARE NOT FUNNY. NOT AT ALL. 10/10

Emma and Kitty - Their best episode yet. Both of them were likeable. Emma was finally good with her sister, for the first time since episode 1. Thank God! Kitty is one of my favorites this season. She was the only one who stand up for Mickey. (which is weird since Jay was right next to Mickey and he didn't say anything. Does he even like his brother?) And she's such a positive, fun character. She reminds of Ella but without the gimmick. The alliance between them and the twins was interesting and I'm gald we finally have an alliance. Yeah, they said it's over, but I doubt this will be the end of it thanks to the teasers. ;) 9/10

Now this is when things are starting to become messy.

Sanders and MacArthur - I love the cops, but they were really unfunny in this episode. MacArthur's humor was just really... old and annoying. The "nailed it" joke was funny at first but it will get old fast if she continues. Sanders still needs to show more personality, just like Ryan from the Daters. Also, why did they kick Owen and Noah away? What did they even do to the cops? Whatever. 4/10

Owen and Noah - I love how their faces was animated. It was just so bad, that it was funny. They were okay in this episode, but they will be more interesting in the future ;) 6/10

Geoff and Brody - They start to annoy me with this "bro, dude, man". I wish they would have a plotline already. I don't remember them doing anything, but Brody's injury was very Tyler-ish and kinda funny. 6/10

Mickey and Jay - About the alliance thing, look at what I said about the sisters. Anyway, they were good in this episode. They start to become more relevant AND NO MORE SAD MUSIC, THANK GOD! But I have to mention that... ugh.. poop joke. STOP IT! WRITERS STOP! ENOUGH WITH POOP JOKES! WE WANT SEXUAL REFERENCES, ADULT HUMOR AND OTHER STUFF LIKE THAT BUT NOT POOP JOKES! Anyway, like I said, they were okay. 7/10

Dwayne and Junior - This is the first episode where they weren't main characters. Thank. God. I like Junior, but you know that I hate his dad. He didn't even fell sorry for stealing the vegans' fossil. 4/10

Rock and Spud - Spud starts to realise that he's in a TV competition. Kinda. Rock is still likeable while Spud still can die, and nobody will miss him. 5/10

Chet and Lorenzo - My least favorite team atm. I'm done with them. I was waiting for them to develop already but they just can't. Even if they start to become friends, I still won't like them. Their cosntant fighting is just so annoying by now. It makes me wonder how did they make it this far. In reality, these 2 would go home first. None of them made me laugh since episode 2 (and only Chet was funny in there). I really, really hope this team goes home next. I had enough with them. Also why did they kick the cops away? This episode was just so weird. It would be funny if the cops would kick or hurt the Ice Dancers or the Ice Dancers would kick anyone (since they are the antagonists) but the Cops kicking the Reality TV Pros away, and the Stepbrothers the Cops is just not funny. It's weird. 3/10

Overall rankings:

15th. Chet and Lorenzo

14th. Dwayne and Junior

13th. Sanders and MacArthur

12th. Tom and Jen

11th. Carrie and Devin

10th. Rock and Spud

9th. Owen and Noah

8th. Geoff and Brody

7th. Mickey and Jay

6th. Stephanie and Ryan

5th. Laurie and Miles

4th. Crimson and Ennui

3rd. Jacques and Josee

2nd. Emma and Kitty

1st. Taylor and Kelly

Thank you for reading! Now for some bonus!


These faces deserve a medal or something.

Best character of the episode:

Tie between Kitty and Taylor

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