Welcome back to another DipDap Team review! Before I start, did you guys know the ratings for the first 4 episodes have been released? If so, here it is: These ratings are good for CN. For a show that starts at 5:00 pm these ratings are really good. Hopefully they will get better if CN won't upload anymore episode to their website. Now onto the team reviews. The episode itself is the best RR episode so far. I only disliked 3 characters. 3 out of 30. Which means I liked 27. That says a lot. I give the episode a 9 out of 10 points.

I'll start with those that had a character in it that I disliked.

Emma and Kitty - Emma is annoying. I was hoping she will get better but she's actually worse now. But she got what she deserved. She worked alone at the second part of the challenge. She told Kitty that "next time don't help me" and what did Kitty do? She didn't help her at all. Instead she was taking selfies with Sasquatchanakwa. You go, gurl! I love Kitty. She deserves her own show. 8/10 because of Kitty.

Rock and Spud - Okay, i'm starting to really like Rock. He's a cool, nice guy. Spud on the other hand has got to be the worst friend ever. Dude, help your friend! All you do is to just stay there and listen to music and HE KNOW IT! "Dude hurry up, they are eating faster!" How dare this waste of space even exist. Spud, even Brody who was still electrocuted, even he eat something! Spud needs to die, and i'll be happiest person ever. 6/10

Dwayne and Junior - now onto my least favorite character of this episode. Dwayne is such an annoying, bad character. It's bad enough that you're sexist, BUT FORGETTING YOUR SON'S BIRTHDAY AND SAYING IT RIGHT NEXT TO HIM!? Now I understand why Junior doesn't like Dwayne sometimes. Dwayne is an unfunny, sexist, screenhogging bad father who doesn't deserve to be the father of Junior. I like Junior. He's always cool. I'm actually surprised how well written this kid is. 6/10

Chet and Lorenzo - I didn't dislike them but they still need to do more. THEY ALMOST HIGH FIVED. Maybe it's starting to go somewhere. 6/10

Mickey and Jay - Their best episode yet. They didn't get that much screen time, but they still did something. NO MORE SAD MUSIC THANK GOD. And I found Mickey pretty cute when he was afraid of that spider. Maybe because i'm afraid of spiders too. Who likes them? Anyway, they got 12th again... for the 4th time in row. They are obviously foreshadowing something with this. Maybe that they will last till the final 12? Or, remember Jay's line in episode 1? "Whatever's right before cursed, it's us". What if 12 is their cursed number? And what is right before 12? 13! Maybe they will last till final 13. MY THEORY, MINE!... oh, who am I kidding, it's mughees's theory 7/10

Owen and Noah - Owen had some funny lines while Noah was pretty boring. I liked his reaction to Ennui's eating though. 7/10

Geoff and Brody - Even if Brody didn't talk, this ep showed why Brody is a way better character and friend than Spud is. Even he tried to eat something just to help Geoff. Geoff is another good friend. I don't know why people say Geoff is not the same anymore. He's totally the same to me. 8/10

Sanders and MacArthur - FINALLY They didn't get that much focus. They were still hilarious especially MacArthur when she broke the fossil. The rivalry between them and the Ice Dancers are still one of the highlights of the season. 8/10

Laurie and Miles - These 2 were QUEENS. Laurie showed why is she voiced by Courtney's va. When she cursed that idiot, it was just so epic and funny (kinda scary too) that it kinda reminds of Scarlett when she revealed her true nature to Max. Also, when she beat the living s*** out of Don. It was priceless but it would've been better if she would do this to Chris. Miles.. Am I the only one who really felt sad for her when she cried? I ACTUALLY FELT SAD FOR A CHARACTER. THAT'S SOMETHING I HAVEN'T DID SINCE COURTNEY'S TDWT CRYING. I'm not kidding. Anyway, I hope they will kill Dwayne and Spud in the next episode. 10/10

Taylor and Kelly - I know, I know. Many people despise Taylor, but I can't help, but adore her. She was so damn funny with all lines like "unless I want money or something" or "you can't tell me what to do". Kelly was also hilarious. "teenagers.." a duo like this in these type of shows are just great to watch. To me atleast. I'm so happy they finally got more screentime. Also, Taylor is the first person who talked with the goths and wasn't afraid of them or annoyed. YOU GO, GURL! 10/10

Carrie and Devin - We learnt more about Shelley and it looks she's a total b****. Glad they didn't call eachother homie in this episode. They didn't do anything special besides that. 7/10

Josee and Jacques - uh, I don't really remember them doing much. SABOTAGE, ELIMINATE A TEAM ALREADY. 7/10

Tom and Jen - Okay, I completely agree with the other users that they should've got a penalty. But I didn't dislike them. Jen was really funny when she complimented Bjork's dress. Tom didn't say anything. 7/10

Stephanie and Ryan - Stephanie is me in TD style I swear. NOBODY TOUCHES MY FRENCH FRIES. They were pretty funny and they showed more character this time. Especially Stephanie. 8/10 Stay this interesting please!

Crimson and Ennui - what can I say? THESE 2 ARE GORGEOUS. Every. SIngle.Line they said and everything they did was just comedy gold. Even when Crimson just said that her favorite band is from Iceland, this is not a line at all, but her voice is just so good that it made it sound funny. HOW CAN YOU DO THIS? I have to appreciate their VA's right now. They did a phenomenal job with these 2. 10/10

Overall rankings of this episode:

15th. Junior and his awful father

14th. Rock and that waste of animation called Spud

13th. Chet and Lorenzo

12th. Jacques and Josee

11th. Carrie, Devin and Shelley

10th. Tom and Jen

9th. Mickey and Jay

8th. Owen and Noah

7th. Queen Kitty and her awful sister

6th. Sanders and MacArthur

5th. Geoff and Brody

4th. Stephanie and Ryan

3rd. Laurie and Miles

2nd. Taylor and Kelly

1st. Crimson and Ennui

Also, I forgot to post something in my previous blog

Old Sugar and old Owen

Look at these 2. Best characters ever. They got so many development, funny, sad, epic moments. These are the best cartoon characters ever! THEY MUST BE SUGAR'S PARENTS, THE WOMAN HAS SUGAR'S EYES.

Thank you for reading! Best character of this episode:

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