Welcome back to DipDap's reviews! Yesterday's episode was pretty meh. I would give it a 6, maybe a 7. Enough talking, let's start it.

Owen and Noah - They got a lot of screen time in Paris. And now in here.. nothing. Really. We saw Owen hoping those sharks are dolphins. And they re-used the animation from episode 1 in their confessional. That's it. 5/10

Dwayne and Junior - Their best episode yet. I still hate Dwayne for what he said in episode 2, but he was just hilarious in this episode. Comedy Gold. Junior was also really likeable. I wanted to see more of that Carrie-Junior thingy but sadly we didn't. Does he just like her because she looks... umm... kinda cute? Oh God, Junior, there are way hotter girls in there, There was Emma, Stephanie, Kitty, Taylor, Kelly, Crimson, yet you crush on Carrie? 8/10

Carrie and Devin - The "homie" is starting to annoy me. Yeah, it was funny at first, but now it's just annoying. Anyway, this was their best episode yet. They were really good in the challenge and I liked the interaction between Carrie and the Father-Son team. Definitely looking forward where this crush will go. Devin on the other hand is still bland as hell. 7/10

Stephanie and Ryan - They were boring. Again. I like their music tho. Also, Stephanie's line was golden. "baby, if that shark will eat you, I will eat that shark so we can be together forever" ROFL. 6/10

Taylor and Kelly - did they even appear in this episode? Their lack of screentime starts to annoy me. 5/10

Mickey and Jay - Basically what I said about Taylor and Kelly. These 2 teams get less and less screen time episode after episode. Also, they placed 12th 3 times in a row. That's... creppy. 5/10

Geoff and Brody - their best episode so far. Geoff showed that he's still a good guy and Brody showed how much of a good friend he is. I really like this team. 8/10

Emma and Kitty - When Emma said "we would get disqualified" I lost hope for her. I really dislike her now. She's worse and worse episode after episode. She's starting to become more and more like Amy and Sky which is something that I dislike. Kitty is the opposite of Emma in this situation. She's sweet, funny, relatable and she's a person that I could hang out with anyday. I like the interactions between these 2. Just Emma needs to be a better sister. 8/10

Ellody and Mary - I'm sorry to everyone who liked this team, but honestly, I really disliked them and i'm glad they are gone. 4/10

Laurie and Miles - Miles's line was really funny. Too bad they didn't really appear. 6/10

Lorenzo and Chet - They still annoy me but Chet was right. Why does he do all the hard stuff while Lorenzo doesn't do anything? Chet is way funnier but both are annoying. Waiting for them to develop. 6/10

Rock and Spud - Rock explained what Fresh TV explained in their bios about him and why he wants to win. Rock is a cool dude but Spud needs to die. I hate that idiot. 6/10

Ennui and Crimson - They didn't do anything but Crimson was funny when she scared the shark. 5/10

Tom and Jen - They are hilarious. The Tan scene and the "Prince" scene was comedy gold. I'm seriously rooting for this team. 8/10

Sanders and MacArthur - I like them both, but please, GIVE THEM LESS SCREEN TIME. They were main characters for 4 episodes now. Give the other teams a chance. Besides that, they are cool. 8/10

Jacques and Josee - Josee didn't say anything, but Jacques was hilarious when he kissed the camera <3 I luv him. 8/10

Overall rankings of this episode:

16th. Ellody and Mary

15th. Mickey and Jay

14th. Taylor and Kelly

13th. Owen and Noah

12th. Ennui and Crimson

11th. Rock and Spud

10th. Laurie and Miles

9th. Lorenzo and Chet

8th. Stephanie and Ryan 

7th. Carrie and Devin

6th. Jacques and Josee

5th. Sanders and MacArthur

4th. Emma and Kitty

3rd. Dwayne and Junior

2nd. Tom and Jen

1st. Geoff and Brody

Thank you for reading! 

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