Hi there! You know me, you hate me. I know. Since RR is pretty good to me so far, I'll do character reviews after every episode. I won't do one for episode 1, because if you know me, you would know what I think about every team so far. Now let's get started with this, shall we.

Carrie and Devin - Wow. I'm actually surprised how many hate do these 2 get. I think people are overreacting with these 2. I liked Carrie in this episode, even if she was a little bit bland. Their background music is nice. Plus points for the "homie". Whenever they called eachother with that word I lol'd. Devin is even more bland than Carrie. So far, he's just a TDI Trent to me. The thing I hated about these 2 is that they got too much screentime, while teams like Mother and Daughter, Tennis Rivals and Geniuses barely appeared. Overall 6/10

Ryan and Stephanie - I have no opinion on them so far. I don't hate them but I don't like them either. Ryan didn't do anything so far. Stephanie on the other hand showed how bossy she can be sometimes. Overall, nothing interesting yet. 5/10

Vegans - I hate how Laurie gets so much hate on Tumblr for being "racist" but one person.. oh I'll save that for later. Anyway, I liked these 2. They definitely got more screentime in here. They are pretty funny so far. 7/10

Rock and Spud - Did they even talk? 5/10

Gerry and Pete - Now they definitely didn't talk. How did they got 4th place? 0_o. 5/10

Leonard and Tammy - I'm actually both sad and happy that these 2 got off first. Why? Well, if they would have stayed longer, people wouldn't stop complaining about why are they even here. Especially the people from DeviantART who don't give Leonard at least 1 chance. They hate a cartoon character to death for some reason. Why am I sad? I actually found Leonard to be pretty funny in this episode. Tammy too. Especially when they interacted with the goths and the twins. Leonard was way better in here and less annoying than he was in TDPI. 8/10

Sanders and MacArthur - My favorite team of this episode. MacArthur was just hilarious. Every time she speaks, she cracks me up. Sanders is okay. She's like a Shorter version of Jasmine without the annoying accent. (yes, I hated Jasmine's voice.) I have high hopes for this team. Also, that rivalry with the Ice Dancers kinda reminds me LeShawna vs Heather. 10/10

Jacques and Josee - Another team that I really like. These 2 (especially Jacques) also have different accents but these are actually funny and good to listen to, unlike Jasmine's. I think these 2 are funny. Josee was both scary and epic when she freaked out. I don't understand why do these 2 get so much hate on Deviantart. I really hope they will sabotage a team in the next few episodes. 9/10

Ennui and Crimson - ..uhh. 5/10

Tom and Jen - I think these 2 are hilarious. Jen when she was looking at that magazine and stopped Tom from snoring was pretty funny. And when Tom was drinking the stew was also really funny. I think these 2 will last longer than people think they will. 8/10

Chet and Lorenzo - We got to learn more about their parents, which is cool. I liked Chet's line: "Lorenzo is a Poo head!". That was hilarious. But their rivalry will get annoying fast. :/ 6/10

Mickey and Jay - They didn't have as much screen time as they had in the first episode, which is cool. This is another team that gets a lot of hate. I honestly agree with them. I said it already, and I'll say it again. If these 2 will win, i'm giving up on the series. I don't want another TDROTI Cameron story, okay? Also, The one without the helmet is really annoying while the other with the helmet is okay but nothing special. 4/10

Kelly and Taylor - What did they even do besides Taylor being mean to her mom and Kelly drinking the stew? 5/10

Mary and Ellody - Again, not enough screen time. I liked the interaction between Ellody and Geoff. That was unexpected and sweet. (it would've been better if Geoff would've confused her with Courtney because of her voice). Also, Mary didn't speak. Again. 6/10

Geoff and Brody - Pretty much what I said about the geniuses. Except they did something on the flight with the Tennis Rivals which was pretty funny. 6/10

Emma and Kitty - another team that got more screentime. So far, Emma is cool. Kitty on the other hand is great and sweet. I'm really rooting for this team. 9/10

Owen and Noah - Noah wasn't as funny in here but that scene with Beary has got to be the best scene of this episode. Owen drinking the camel's.. yeah. That was gross. But it's Owen. It was expected. 8/10.

Junior and Dwayne - Okay. Big Rant. If you didn't knew it already. I'm a female. A girl. And i'm bisexual. But i'm still a girl. There was one line the Dwayne made that made me despise this team.  The father said that he liked when women didn't have the freedom they have now. This is incredibly sexist. I never understood why Ezekiel was so liked back then. I hated him and I still hate him. I only liked him in the TDI special because he felt sorry about what he did in his first 2 episodes. But still. He was sexist. But Dwayne is AN ADULT. I know this is a cartoon, but the fact that Laurie is really hated for wearing that thing and to some people she's "racist" while Dwayne is sexist and he knows it (and has no problem with it) and gets no hate really surprises me and annoys me. Junior is a cool kid but he's not enough to save this team. Dwayne is currently my least favorite RR character ever. 4/10 because of Junior but without Junior 0/10

Overall rankings as of this episode:

18th. Dwayne and Junior

17th. Mickey and Jay

16th. Rock and Spud

15th. Ennui and Crimson

14th. Gerry and Pete

13th. Ryan and Stephanie

12th. Kelly and Taylor

11th. Ellody and Mary

10th. Chet and Lorenzo

9th. Carrie and Devin

8th. Geoff and Brody

7th. Laurie and Miles

6th. Leonard and Tammy

5th. Tom and Jen

4th. Owen and Noah

3rd. Emma and Kitty

2nd. Jacques and Josee

1st. Sanders and MacArthur 

Thank you for reading! I'll do one for episode 3 tomorrow! :)

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