Okay, first of all, I AM SO SORRY ABOUT THE LATE REVIEW (it's not like anybody likes by blogs anyway) 

Well, RR is my favorite season, but every season has bad episodes (even TDI). This episode, and episode 6 are the only RR episodes that I disliked. I don't hate it, I just don't really like it. It still has some awesome moments, so does episode 6, but I just didn't find as good as the previous episodes. I give it a 5 out of 10. Now let's start the review. 

Geoff and Brody - As much as I like this team, I'm one of the few people who hates that a team returned. I don't care that Geoff and Brody is that team, BUT NOBODY SHOULD RETURN RIGHT BEFORE THE FINALE. This is just.. unfair. And the fact that they outranked the Sisters angers me. Like I said, I don't hate this team, but they should've left, and if they'll win.. i'll be really disappointed. But they were alright in this episode. Brody was pretty funny. Geoff was kinda boring though. I thought this episode will mostly consist of Brody-MacArthur interactions, but they barely interacted with eachother. 7/10 

Josee and Jacques - I disliked Jacques. Okay, he was seen to adore Josee in many episodes (most notably in episode 4) but now he just seemed to get annoyed by her, even thought, she really didn't do anything to him in this episode. The scene where Jacques pushed Josee into the water was bad, and I found Jacques to be out of character in the whole episode. Josee on the other hand was great. She was really funny when she was in the water and scared that poor fish (her face was epic btw). Or when she freaked out in the airport. People disliked how she betrayed MacArthur and slowed them down by knocking MacArthur out with a coconut, but I personally liked it. It's something that any villain would do. I can't wait to see her karma, but I hope Jacques will get one too. 8/10 

Sanders and MacArthur - This team was perfect. MacArthur had again, many funny and good lines and Sanders was again, likeable. Both of them had one great moment of development. First, MacArthur, who saved her biggest enemy Josee. It was great. It's great to watch MacArthur's development. She really is one of the most developed characters this season. Sanders showed that even with a broken arm, she's still really strong, even without glutes. How she carried MacArthur with her all the way to the chill zone was great. #TeamCadetsAllTheWay 10/10 

Emma and Kitty - Okay, I didn't dislike this episode just because they were eliminated. Stop saying that! I disliked it because I just wasn't a fan of the challenge. It literally made the episode boring to me, until the very end. Then Geoff and Brody getting 1st, and then Kitty and Emma and how they lost. Okay they were in the lead with Kitty having some funny lines about the Ice Dancers. Then it was confirmed that she's very bad in finding things and got stuck in a poll one day.(even thought, she had zero problem with it in episode 8). Then she was in the lead again, but a random fish appeared and eat her flashlight. What.. that was just so.. random. And why didn't the ocean creatures attack the other teams? Why only Kitty? Then Kitty got stuck.. that reminded me of that infamous Spongebob episode. Then Kitty had a great moment when she saved herself, but they still lost. Don showed no sadness or anything and called Emma "law school", mkay. Then Emma said some really good lines like how she would take her sister over a million bucks anyday. I gotta say, after Noah got eliminated, Emma really did become a better character in my eyes. Then she said she will call Noah. This team was great as usual, and i'm pretty sure they will be one of the few teams who will have some lines in the next episode. I didn't dislike that they got eliminated. I don't care about that. It's how they got eliminated. That was bs. 10/10 

Overall rankings:

4th) Surfers

3rd) Ice Skaters

2nd) Cadets

1st) Sisters

Best Moment of the episode:

MacArthur being good like wut

MacArthur saving Josee's life!

Funniest moment of the episode:

Josee scaring the living hell of nemo

Josee scaring that poor fish.

Best character of the episode:

I'll do this

Robbed Goddess Kitty! She better compete in another season or i'll be mad.

Thank you so much for reading!

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