Welcome back to DipDap's reviews! Today I will talk about the most shocking episode of the season so far. Before I start, what I said about the new TD/RR possibly coming in 2017 is just a rumor! You don't have to believe it! Also, if you haven't watched the episode yet, then don't judge it. I know people who judge things that they haven't even watched. How in the hell can you even do that? It doesn't make any sense! Now let's talk about the teams.

Jacques and Josee - Okay, now I have to agree with Icey about Don acting weird this season. In yesterday's episode, he hated the Ice Skaters' guts and dreamed about them going home. Now in this episode, when they arrived to the chill zone he was all happy and it was like he's a fanboy of them. What the.. that was really ooc for him to do that. But then again, he doesn't really have that much of a character anyway. Back to the Skaters, who were.. okay I guess. I like their conflict with Kitty and Emma and it was nice to see Jacques finally sabotage a team already. It was also nice to see when Josee acted polite with him and complimented him many times. It was nice. There some really good fanarts and fan videos of them on Youtube/Tumblr. I recommend them, they are really cool. Overall, they were good. 8/10

Sanders and Valentina - It's really cool to watch when Sanders talks about how much she disliked the Ice Dancers. I have no idea why, I just like when Sanders shows that she's not always a "good cop". Their tango was DOWNRIGHT HILARIOUS. COMEDY GOLD. Sanders' Robot dance, MacArthur'd twerking, the judge's reaction. It was just hilarious. MacArthur vs the horse was also hilarious. The animals really dislike MacArthur for some reason. First the bull, now the horse xd. Overall, the funniest team this episode.9/10 

Emma and Kitty - As much as I loved MacArthur because of how hilarious she was, Kitty was still my favorite character this episode. And I loved Emma too. Kitty wanting to take selfies was a cute gag since the start, and it makes her more and more relatable. That selfie with the emo was hilarious. Then, her interactions with the Ice Dancers. It was great when she slowed down the Ice Dancers and the Cadets in the beginning of the episode and when she texted karma XD. They are really foreshadowing the Ice Dancers' karma in the past few episodes. Let's hope they will actually get one. It was great to see how worried Emma was about Kitty. It was really sweet and a big development for Emma. For some reason, the Carrie-Devin fans hate Kitty for accidentally causing the best friends to go home. Now, let me just say that this is just really, really stupid. One, IT WASN'T EVEN KITTY'S FAULT. It was the Ice Dancers' fault because they were the ones who covered The Sisters' emo with vegetable oil, so it's their fault this whole thing happened. Second, KITTY FELT SORRY ABOUT WHAT SHE DID, SHE EVEN CRIED. I don't understand how can people dislike her for that. So yeah, the SIsters were great again. 10/10

Carrie and Devin - I am so so so so so happy this team is done. Like I said in my previous blog, they are not bad characters. Their plot is what bugged me. Thankfully, the plot got resolved in this episode, and I can't lie, I found it really cute when Devin told Carrie about his feelings, and the kissing scene was also cute. All the scenes where Carrie kissed Devin in his cheek was cute and when she said "I LOVE YOU, I LOVE YOU SO MUCH". They in the tango challenge was pretty hard to watch. Devin always accidentally hurting Carrie.. it was just.. eh. And the horse kicking Carrie in the face was also eh. I hope The Best Friends and the SIsters still like eachother tho. In the taxi scene it looked like they hate eachother. Kitty and Emma had an evil smile, while Carrie was looking angry at them. I know that this is a race, but THEY ARE FRIENDS. And then.. they got eliminated because of Devin's injury. I don't really think that was necessary, but we got more cute Carrie lines, so, whatever. I just hope they still like the SIsters. Their elimination was pretty shocking since 99% of the fandom thought they will either win, or get 2nd. It's really nice when the show does shocking stuff. Overall, this was a team that I didn't dislike this episode, but I was so happy to see them get eliminated. It literally made my day, i'm not kidding. 8/10

Overall rankings:

4th. Ice Dancers

3rd. Best Friends

2nd. Cadets

1st. Sisters

Funniest moment of the episode:

Sanders dance

Valentina twerk

Valentina's and Sanders' dance!

Best Moment of the episode:

Devin Carrie out

Devin and Carrie's shocking elimination!

Best character of the episode:

Kitty Emu selfie


Thank you for reading!

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