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Emma is literally me in this picture, I do the same thing and have the same face whenever I go to school in the morning with the bus. Kitty is.. idk. Anybody. My bus in the morning is always full with people, and i'm happy when I can get a seat. I don't care about who sits right next to me as long as he/she's not a.. psycho. But yeah, I really do the same thing as what Emma does in this picture. 

Enough with my personal life that no one cares about, let's talk about today's episode,which was written by none other than Miles Smith. Wow he and Terry wrote so many episodes, while Alex ganetakos (I don't know how to type her name it's so weird) only wrote the premiere episode. Poor gurl. Now let's talk about da teams!

Emma and Kitty - The best team in this episode, without a doubt. They both had many funny scenes, like Kitty's hair turning afro-ish because of the heat (just like LeShawna). I liked the interaction between them and the Ice Dancers, and how they don't want to sabotage other teams because they are better than that. That was very sympathetic from them, I gotta say. Then, their interactions with the only team that was "meh" in this episode, the besties, were great. Mostly because of Emma and Kitty. It was nice to see them care about eachother, even if Emma thinks they are a little bit "insane". And.. the best scene of this episode was with them. When Devin told them he loves Carrie.. OMG.. Kitty slapped the living s*** out of him and Emma cursed him and called him a turkey. Some people think she didn't curse since her mouth wasn't censored, but I remember Christine saying on facebook to an user that, yes, she did curse. We haven't seen cursing since TDWT episode 1. Great job Fresh TV! And this is the first episode where I found Emma to be hilarious. Her Taxi line was also pretty funny. Overall, the best team and they had the best scene of this episode. Well done, ladies! 10/10

Sanders and MacArthur - MacArthur showed more sympathy when she cried again about what she did to Sanders. That was... heartwarming. I think. Idk. Sanders knew the Ice Dancers are evil so she didn't want to work with them to sabotage the Sisters. That was a smart move, Sanders! Then there was the MacArthur vs Bull scene, which was pretty funny. Then MacArthur admired Sanders in the confessional when they got second place. Overall, the best team in terms of comedy, and this episode kinda lacked with the comedy, sadly. The Cadets were the only team to show some comedy. Well, MacArthur. 9/10

Carrie and Devin - Now, let me just say that, they aren't annoying characters. Not at all. Boring? A little bit. Annoying? No. It's what the show does with them the annoying thing. This episode was a perfect example of it. Whenever Devin tried to tell Carrie about his feelings (something that Carrie wanted to do TEN EPISODES AGO) he was always interrupted. That's something that I REALLY dislike in any show. Just. Tell. Her. Already. Watching the same thing and always failing is incredibly annoying. Devin is still the pain magnet of the season, for some reason. Why did the goat attack only him and Carrie not? Heck, why did he even attack Devin in the first place? That was just so random and annoying. I'm sorry I was just very annoyed with this team's plotline and I want to see them ending it already. It's annoying asf. Like I said, I don't dislike them as characters. Carrie is a good character and Devin is okay. Their plot is what drags this team down in my eyes. Devin deserved Kitty's slaps and Emma's words. 5/10

Josee and Jacques - I like how some people praise Don for hating the Ice Dancers. Lol that's funny. Josee and Jacques were pretty cool when they sabotaged the sisters. Don's interactions with them was also hilarious. You see, Don can be hilarious without being a sadistic jerk who mutates 16 years old teenagers. Josee's strategy on the train was very similar to what Alejandro did in TDWT episode 25. All the train scenes reminded me so much of my absolute favorite episode from the while series, Planes, Trains and Hot Air Mobiles. And another hilarious scene with them and Don when they got penalized. So yeah, they were alright. 8/10

Stephanie and Ryan - Well, development. They got a lot of development in this episode. Ryan was likeable when he encouraged Stephanie in the whole tea challenge. Stephanie was really likeable when she said sorry to Ryan about how she acted to him in the whole race, and Ryan said he doesn't care because that was what made him a better partner. Not gonna line, that was very cute. Now, there's something that I really hated about this team. Well, kinda. Their elimination. Not only was it really obvious, but it's really sickening that they lost because Don called them "haters" and Stephanie and Ryan corrected him that they are called the "daters" now. Now, i'm not a big fan of them, but if I would be, I would've been very angry about how they got eliminated, It kinda reminded me of LeShawna and DJ's horrible elimination in TDI. So yeah, this teams gets a solid 8/10 from me.

Overall rankings:

5th. Besties

4th. Ice Dancers

3rd. Daters

2nd. Cadets

1st. Sisters

Best moment of the episode:


Kitty beating up Devin!

Funniest moment of the episode:


MacArthur vs Bull!

Best character of the episode:



Tie between Emma and Kitty!

Thank you for reading!

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