Welcome back to DipDap's reviews. These reviews will get shorter and shorter sadly. Fresh said that they won't make anything TD related till 2017. I don't know if this is true. I heard this from my friend on facebook. Today's episode was.. okay. It had some really good and heartwarming moments, but the challenges were just so.. lame tbh. I mean, the first was just to race to the borehole in swimsuits and the next one is just to get a ball out from that borehole. If it wasn't for the challenge, I would've give this episode a 9/10 but because of the challenge, it only gets an 8/10. Now let's start the team reviews.

Josee and Jacques - Okay, let me just say that you can't compare these 2 to Heather, Alejandro, or any other TD antagonist. Why? Well because, TD and RR are different shows. They are different type of antagonists. Heck, The Amazing Race doesn't even have any antagonists to begin with. That's why many of us thought this season will be just another TDPI in terms of antagonists. Thank God they brought in a team that is sabotaging others. I honestly liked Jacques and Josee in this episode. Jacques was funny when he almost dropped Josee because of his speedo, and when he encouraged Josee. That was cute. Josee was obviously better with sabotaging 2 teams in one episode, and when Emma yelled at them, Josee had some really good lines in the confessional. Overall, these 2 are good characters and they are characters that actually deserve bad things to happen with them. Unlike Dakota, Ezekiel, etc. I wonder what will their karma be. They will sure get one since 3 characters already mentioned that something bad will happen with them (Ennui, Crimson, Emma). 8/10

Ryan and Stephanie - Ryan's new strategy works, and it's hilarious. Stephanie was annoying. I just can't like her anymore. At first, I loved her b****y personality more than her Bland personality that was seen in the first 6 episodes, but now it's just getting irritating. And it's just so obvious that their plot is ending. They even had a kissing scene at the end of the episode. 7/10

Devin and Carrie - I honestly disliked them. Well, Devin at least. He was just boring again, and that unibrow scene wasn't really that funny. But the fact that he thinks unibrows are hot... honestly, why isn't Eva in this spin-off? Carrie was also pretty boring, but I liked her interactions with Ryan, and of course, when she helped Kitty and Emma. It is a pretty cute friendships, but it reminds me too much of Lindsay and Bridgette because of the voices... Meh. 6/10 because of Carrie.

Emma and Kitty - I love Kitty. I really do. But I can't deny the fact that she was a hypocrite in this episode. She was all "alliances" with Best Friends, but remember back in episode 15 to 18 where she didn't want to form an alliance with Owen and Noah? Kitty's confusing, but who tf cares, she was amazing this episode. The conflict between them and the Skaters was pretty fun to watch. I was waiting for a conflict between them for a long time now. Now, a very little problem with the Sisters in this episode is that THEY started the conflict. They started to mock them for always smiling. I don't know what to think about that, but it was pretty OOC for Kitty to do that. But their interactions with the other teams and with eachother was pretty fun to watch. I predict them to win btw. 9/10

Sanders and Valentina - Wow. This team is really bad in Ice/Snow themed episodes. But They got the most amount of development in here. At first (when I watched the episode) I kinda disliked MacArthur for acting mean to Sanders, when all she wanted to do was to help her. But then, the whole "broken arm" scene happened, and all of MacArthur's lines were hearthwarning. Both of them developed. Sanders will take care of the team from now on, and won't be that friendly with MacArthur anymore. Valentina on the other hand admitted that it was her fault and she felt bad for what she did. It was just a really great scene and totally the best moment of the episode. This is also their best episode so far mostly because of the amount of development that they got. 10/10

Overall Rankings:

5th. Besties

4th. Daters

3rd. Ice Skaters

2nd. Sisters

1st. Cadets

Best Moment of the episode:

MacArthur sad

MacArthur feeling bad about what she did to Sanders

Funniest moment of the episode:

Ryan annoying steph

This episode didn't really have that many funny scenes, but if I have to choose one, I would choose Ryan annoying Stephanie.

Best Character of the episode:

Valentina sad


Thank you for reading!

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