Welcome back to DipDap's late reviews. Sorry for the long wait. I was working on TD Ipods and other stuff that I don't want to talk about. Today's episode was written by Meghan Raed who also wrote the episode where Dwayne and Junior got eliminated. Believe it ot not, this is currently my absolute favorite Ridonculous Race episode. I liked every team, the challenge was great, the zip it ticket was great, the interactions were phenomenal and the super teams were also great. It was pretty much Heroes vs Villains. Now let's start the review.

Josee and Jacques - After finally elimination a team, this team is back to their fun self. Jacques was hilarious with his fear of fishes (How can he hate them, fishes are cute). It was also funny how he won the challenge for his super team. Josee on the other hand was way better than him. All the MacArthur - Josee interactions in this episode were golden, and the alliance was just great. I adore the axes of evil. The funniest moment was when Josee and MacArthur agreed to sabotage the other super team and they laughed evilly. That was both hilarious and cute because they finally got along for some minutes. 9/10

MacArthur and Sanders - Again, all of their interations with the Ice Dancers were golden. MacArthur had many good lines and it was golden when she hit Josee with a fish and Josee attacked her back. I have to admit, Josee vs MacArthur has got to be the best rivalry ever since Alejandro vs Heather. Sanders also had some good lines, and it was nice to see her controlling the super team. She was the brain, the normal one, and without her, they would've lost. I'm starting to adore Sanders just as much as MacArthur. Oh and, MacArthur mocking the Ice Dancers at the beginning of the episode was golden. 10/10

Stephanie and Ryan - Stephanie showed more jealousy. It looks like their plot is really starting to end. Ryan was again, better than Stephanie. The interactions between him and Carrie were cute, but God help us if Ryan develops a crush on her. They didn't really do much in the challenge, except Stephanie admitting that she still has feeling for Ryan and that he has hot hands. If his hands are hot, I wonder what she thinks about his body. And OMG RYAN SHIRTLESSSSSSSSSSSSSS. Dang, he hot asf. Good s***, good s***. Recently, my good friend Epic made a defense blog about them. Please comment on it. Anyway, I liked the Daters in here. Probably their best episode since Hawaii since they didn't annoy me at all. 8/10

Emma and Kitty - Another great duo. Kitty was good when she rode that bike and her interactions with Geoff, Brody and Carrie were amazing. Emma also interacted with them (finally). Emma acted a little bit like Courtney when she thought her team sucks at first. (Devin falling into the water didn't help). So yeah, they were alright. 8/10

Carrie and Devin - If there's one character that I disliked in this episode, it has to be Carrie. Now she's the oblivious one, but that's not the reason why I disliked her. The fact that she didn't want to tell the others about the Don Box, even though, they won the challenge thanks to the Surfers (Brody), and is a good friend with Kitty (probably with Emma too) really made me dislike her. She was annoying, dumb, and the only things that I liked about her were her interactions with the Sisters. Devin on the other was really funny (him being the pain magnet actually works since he deserves it). His temporary blindness scenes were also hilarious. When he confused Stephanie with Carrie, or when he thought the alligator was a fish. Those were pretty funny. I give this team a 8/10 because of Devin.

Geoff and Brody - All of their scenes were great. From Brody hugging Emma, to their elimination. The return of the Kitty-Geoff-Brody friendship was great, and the scene where both Kitty and Geoff jumped and said "cannonball" was incredibly cute. It's realistic for them being friends. I actually thought before the season premiere that Kitty will have a crush on Brody but them being just friends is even better. Brody hugging Emma was also cute. After that, Brody had another fantastic moment when he won the challenge for his team (also, that was the moment when I noticed the intern only has ONE ARM OMG) The best moment of the episode imo was when Brody saved Emma's life. (That was the moment when Emma realised that they are good guys, that was cute). Them breaking the wall was also funny. After that, they let the best friends win. Wow these guy really do believe in teamwork. They thought either the Sisters or the Best Friends will split the money with them, but they run away. The Surfer Dudes didn't even mind about that. This has got to be the saddest elimination of the season. To me atleast. This was Geoff's best season since Island, and Brody was a great character. I'll miss these guys. 10/10

Overall Rankings:

6th. Best Friends

5th. Daters

4th. Sisters

3rd. Ice Dancers

2nd. Cadets

1st. Surfers

Best Moment of the Episode:


Brody saving Emma's life!

Funniest moment of the episode:

Josee MacArthur sabotage baby

Josee and MacArthur teamming up!

Best Character of the episode:

Brody fish

Brody! Tbh, I liked every character besides Carrie.

Thank you Meghan for this episode! It is in my top 10 overall best TD episodes. Just thank you.

And Thank you to everyone for reading this blog!

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