Welcome back to DipDap's late reviews! It's Friday, Friday Gotta get down on Friday Everybody's lookin' forward to the weekend, weekend Friday, Friday Gettin' down on Friday Everybody's lookin' forward to the weekend Partyin', partyin' (Yeah) Partyin', partyin' (Yeah) Fun, fun, fun, fun Lookin' forward to the weekend. Now let's talk about the episode that is very hated and probably made some people quit the whole fandom because their precious Goths got the boot in this episode. I honestly liked this episode better than the other one, but even I have to admit that one team was pretty disgusting in this episode. Let's start the review.

Sanders and MacArthur - Before I start, if you are from America, don't watch the CN Commercials. The new Thursday promo spoiled the final 4 of RR. If you want to talk about it with me, go to the spoiler chat. I'm free to talk about it. Back to the Cadets, I understand why people hated MacArthur in this episode. She was a little bit mean to Sanders, but you have to understand that she eat way more peppers than she should've eat. Fire came out from her mouth. To me, i'm very happy they got 1st place again. It was so long since they got in the top 3 tbh. I have no idea what happened with them in those episodes. Maybe Geoff and Brody are slowing them down or something? MacArthur was really funny when her donkey stopped there and MacArthur carried it all the way to the chill zone. These 2 are a good team and i'm hoping they will win. 8/10

Josee and Jacques - Imagine these two actually being real people and not animated characters. The goths fans would kill them with: Fire, chainsaw, hammer, gun, etc. HOW DARE THEY FINALLY ELIMINATE A TEAM AFTER 19 EPISODES, I REALLY HATE THEM I WILL GO TO FRESH TV AND PAY THE ANIMATORS TO ANIMATE THEM DYING, HOW DARE THEY ELIMINATE MY PRECIOUS GOTHS ICE IDIOTS *************************. This is pretty much the reason why I liked the Ice Dancers in this episode. They finally managed to sabotage and eliminate a team. It was Jacques who did it, but Josee came up with the idea. It was nice to see them finally doing something villainous and strategic. I wonder what their karma will be tbh. But I gotta say, I don't remember them doing anything besides sabotaging the goths. 7/10

Emma and Kitty - Another team that didn't get that much focus, but I still liked them. The little Carrie-Kitty interaction about Carrie asking Kitty about Devin's safety was cute. Kitty had the same face as she had in episode 11. Wowowowowowowowow. And.. that's pretty much it. 7/10

Carrie and Devin - Their roles and switched now. Devin is starting to become another Scott with how bad he is when it comes to gurls. Poor guy also gut some injuries and that pepper challenge... I doubt he will ever forget it. And those eyes were just creepy to me, and I felt a little bit sad for him. He's hot with wet hair though. But he deserved all these injuries for ignoring Carrie for straight 18 episodes. Carrie interacted with One more person in this episode (actually 2): Stephanie and Ryan! Her conversations with Ryan were pretty cute. Kinda like the DJ-Bridgette friendship. Just keep it a friendship and please for the love of God don't make Ryan develop a crush on Carrie please! So yeah, the besties were alright. 8/10

Stephanie and Ryan - I'll say it again. The Ryan-Carrie conversation was really cute and Ryan's scream was pretty funny. I'm surprised these 2 are still in the competition, since almost the whole fandom thought they will go in Beijing. Stephanie was her usual self in this episode, but showed some jealousy at the end of the episode. I gotta say, Julie Giles was absolutely right when she said Stephanie is another Courtney. Here are the reasons why:

1) Both were nice girls at the start of their season.

2) Both are "it's always your fault and not mine"

3) Both have a bunch of haters now

4) Both are obsessed with winning

5) Both got a boyfriend, and after some time, both of their boyfriends realised how annoying and bossy their girlfriend is.

6) Both of them showed some jealousy when their ex-boyfriend interacted with other girls. 

I hope Stephanie will get better. 6/10 because of Ryan. 

Geoff and Brody - Yeah.. this is their worst episode yet. Brody's face was funny when they were in the bus and he was eating the last burrito, but all those God damn poop jokes... It was just disgusting. The same type of jokes happened with the Twins in Brasil, and those weren't funny either. That's all they did. Poop jokes. I'm very disappointed with them right now, but they will get better in the next episode. 5/10

Ennui and Crimson - Yeah. The same thing happened back in 2012 when Scott eliminated Dawn, and the whole fandom hated both Scott and the episode itself for it. This also happened in 2014 when Sugar eliminated Ella but they only hated Sugar and not the episode itself. The Goths were their usual selfs in this episode again, but Loki was way better than them. Crimson was funny when she eat the hottest pepper and all she said was "ouch". She was also really likeable when she helped her boyfriend with finding Loki. "No bunny gets left behind". Ennui was even better with his funny moments when he said "Noooooooooo" when he observed Loki is missing. Loki was amazing in this episode. He likes the Goths a lot, he even managed to get 2 donkeys for them, and when he scared the living heck from the Ice Dancers was hilarious. I'll miss them, but it was their time to go. 10/10

Overall rankings:

7th. Surfers

6th. Daters

5th, Sisters

4th. Ice Dancers

3rd. Cadets

2nd. Best Friends

1st. Goths

Best Moment of the episode:

King Loki


Funniest moment of the episode:


Devin's luck with the peppers. I'm on #TeamPeppers btw

Best character of the episode:

Ennui and Burrito

Crimson and pepper

Tie between Crimson and Ennui. Bye Goths, we will see both of you in the finale, where most likely none of you will talk. 

Thank you for reading! Have a nice FRIIIIIIDAY

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