Welcome back to DipDap's reviews! Today, I will talk about Episode 19, although I don't really want to. Why? I just want to do one for episode 20 already. Many people hate it "for some reason". But the biggest reason why they hate it it's because... well, I don't want to spoil. But the same thing happened in almost every year. Back to episode 19 which was pretty much as good as all the other episodes. Let's start the team reviews.

Crimson, Loki and Ennui - They are overrated. Don't get me wrong, I like them too, but they are definitely not the best team this season. To me at least. They were alright. Crimson's reactions when she reads the tips are hilarious. Ennui didn't really do much though. Loki has got to be the best animal on the show. Well, he is since no other animal appeared for 5 episodes in a row. Do he has his own page yet? It was really funny when Loki helped the goths to win challenge. Basically, without Loki, the goths would've lost. Why isn't anybody talking about that? The fact that Loki helps them can also count as cheating, but nobody complains about that because, fan favorites. But whenever Josee does something bad, everybody explodes. This fandom.. ugh. 7/10

Stephanie and Ryan - They were pretty much the same as how they were in the previous episode. Just. There. Stephanie showed more reasons as to why she's RR's Courtney. Ryan is basically DJ combined with Lightning. Only he has a brain. Also, Ryan shirtless <3. This isn't about the Daters, but I liked the mini Blaineley cameo when Stephanie explained the magic show challenge. Glad they still know who Blaineley is. 6/10

Sanders and MacArthur - So MacArthur gets hated for having a conflict with Kitty, even though, she explained in episode 17 why she dislikes her. Let's not forget that MacArthur appreciated Kitty right after the challenge, which means she doesn't dislike her anymore. It was just a one episode conflict, and it was great. The 6teen Jen reference was gold. Somebody should draw a fanart with Jen and MacArthur as a baby. Sanders was her usual self in this episode. She always acts like this in every episode, that's why I really like her. MacArthur's conflict with Kitty was the highlight of this episode. I will talk about it more soon. Also, it was nice to see the Cadets after so many episodes getting a good ranking. Nice job ladies. 9/10

Emma and Kitty - Emma keeps mentioning Noah. Not gonna lie, I found it cute. Kitty slapping her whenever Emma mentions Noah is.. eh. What else can I say? Make a rant blog about it? Kitty showed again why she's the best character of this spin-off when she stands up for herself against MacArthur. I thought Emma will have a conflict with them, but Kitty has been surprising me the whole season so I have no problem with it. Also, all the scenes where the Sisters talked about their past was cute. Looks like after the Reality Pros' elimination they are back to their roots again. Right now, I'm rooting for this team the most. 10/10

Geoff and Brody - They were just hilarious. Comedy Gold. The whole "dude" talking was hilarious, and then Brody said "you have a point men". Comedy Gold. I think this team gets way too much hate for nothing. Even one Geoff fan hates this team because of the BS reason "they have no plot" GTFO if you only dislike them because of that. They were better in episode 16 and 17 though. 7/10

Josee and Jacques - Josee thinking the Goths are vampires was gold. So was Jacques' reaction to it. They showed again that they aren't perfect at everything, but nobody talks about that because, reasons. They also still call them "Ice Sues" or "God dancers". Did I already mention how much I hate this fandom? My God. Most of these people are from deviantart, and they act worse than the 10 years old TD fans. Sad, but true. Jacques with that costume was really funny. Aside, from some funny lines, they were mostly just there to me. 7/10

Carrie and Devin - This is the last episode where Devin is still an "Eh" character to me. He still showed why he's such an annoying character, until the end where he realised he loves Carrie. He realised that in 30 seconds. Cartoon Logic. Now their roles in the plot are switched. Now Carrie is the oblivious one while Devin is the one who loves her. Are. You. Kidding. Me. Don't get me wrong, I don't dislike these characters. Both of them have qualities that make them unique characters (Carrie at least). Really, the only characters that I hated this season are Ellody, Mary, Jay, Chet and Lorenzo. 5 characters from the 36. I just hate their plot. Why can't they just end it already. I like how they try to do new things with them, but we all want to see them eliminated already. I don't want them in the finale, but it's so obvious that they will be in it. Oh and an aftermath background which had some pictures with Chris in it made an appearance. It was nice to see it again. 6/10

Overall rankings:

7th. The Daters

6th. Best Friends

5th. Surfers

4th. Goths

3rd. Ice Dancers

2nd. Police Cadets

1st. Sisters

Best Moment of the episode:

Kitty vs Valentina

The Kitty vs MacArthur conflict. 

Funniest moment of the episode:

Jen 6teen

The 6 teen reference. Thank you Valentina!

Best character of the episode:

Kitty Queen I luc you lets selfie

Queen Kitty!

Thank you for reading! Stay tune tomorrow for my episode 20 review where I will talk about why this fandom is so bad. 

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