Welcome back to DipDap's reviews, where I act like I don't know who's gonna be the next eliminated team but I actually know it (and the other 2 too). But I won't say it because, spoilers. As Lindsay would say, Spoilers are TACKY!

Fun Fact about this episode that we should add to trivia: Both TDWT's and RR's episode 17 take place on a "cold place ". In TDI, Bridgette was eliminated in episode 17 and in TDWT she was eliminated in a "cold place ". So does LeShawna, who was eliminated in episode 17 of TDA and was eliminated in a "cold place " in TDWT. Now onto the team reviews. Some were good, some were eh. The episode itself was ok at best.

Geoff and Brody - Do I even need to say it again? I already said it in like, 6 of my blogs. THEY ARE CUTE ASF TOGETHER AND I SHIP THEM TO DEATH. Just like in the previous episode, Geoff and Brody were main characters again, and they were one of the few teams that I liked this episode. It's really impressive that, even though, Josee messed with their minds, they still like eachother, no matter what. This is the best TD friendship so far tbh. Geoff was also really funny when he showed his clumsy self in this episode. 10/10

Josee and Jacques - Jacques didn't really do much, but I like how Josee is trying to sabotage a team already. The fact that they failed for the third time now shows that they aren't perfect. It still annoys me how people call them "Godplayers". The only godplayer in TD was Zoey imo. (and TDWT Alejandro a little bit). Josee destroying Chilly Billy was the funniest scene for me. (also the 2 eskimos kissing) I liked the cameo of the male eskimo from Haute Camp-ture. Tbh, I think the eskimos are better than half of the TDAS cast. Back to the Ice Dancers, they were okay but I don't remember Jacques doing anything. 7/10

Carrie and Devin - I liked Devin in this episode more than Carrie (Yeah, weird. I know). The interactions between him and the goths were hilarious. Too bad Devin wasn't like this the whole season. I would've liked him more. Carrie, like Jacques, was there but I just don't remember her doing anything. I'm sorry.. 7/10

Owen and Noah - Umm... the Ice hearth that Noah made for Emma was cute. Owen was funny at the beninning of the episode. Did they do anything more than that? 6/10

Kitty and Emma - Emma's reaction when she saw that hearth was pretty cute. Kitty didn't really do much. Kitty looks hot in that outfit though. Do does Emma. I wanted to see Tammy in some winter clothes tbh. Or Leonard. Maybe we would've seen how his hair looks like (if he has any). I'm the only one who misses the Larpers?... Yeah, I am.  6/10


Ennui and Crimson - Ennui and TDI DJ should meet one day. The animals love both of them to death. Like I said, their interactions with Devin were hilarious, and they in the challenges were just comedy gold. Why didn't they talk in the first 4 episodes? I love their voices. 10/10

Sanders and MacArthur - Like Emma and Kitty and Owen and Noah, this team didn't have that much of an importance in this episode. I don't even remember them doing anything. :/ 6/10

Stephanie and Ryan - Now, let me just say that I tried to defend these 2 in my previous blogs. Well, Stephanie atleast. But they just lost my liking in this episode. They annoyed me with their constant arguing, and the worst moment has to go to Stephanie in this episode. Seriously, you get the boomerang, and YOU USE IT ON YOUR TEAM? ARE YOU SICK? When I first watched this, I thought they will use it on the goths and the goths will go home, but no. Stephanie has made the dumbest decision ever. Ugh, that scene annoyed me. Also, the fact that they were safe again. Their last scene was also annoying. I thought they will go back to being TDA Bridgette and Geoff 2.0, but no. They argued again after that. AGH!  Thankfully, they will get better in the next episode. 4/10

Overall rankings:

8th. The Daters

7th. Cadets

6th. Reality TV Pros

5th. Sisters

4th. Best Friends

3rd. Ice Dancers

2nd. Goths

1st. Surfers

Best/Funniest moment of the episode:

File:Josee you monster.png


The Death of Billy (Funniest) and the Eskimos (Best TD couple ever)

Best Character of the episode:


^ This cutie

Thank you for reading!

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