Thank you Noah

Welcome back to DipDap's late reviews! Yesterday's episode is really hated for some reason. I hated it as well when I watched it on youtube because of the narration, but now that they removed it, I can understand the jokes and the scenes. The episode was alright, and almost all the 9 teams got some screentime. Now let's start the review.

Dwayne and Junior - I still think the interactions that they make with each other are very cute and relatable. Junior was good but he lost me when he said "dad you're not cool and you never will be!". Dwayne was alright. His dance was pretty funny. I also liked the interaction between them and My OTP Geoff and Brody. 8.10

Geoff and Brody - Oh god how much I ship them. I hate how people complain about Noah not being gay, while Geoff and Brody have so many gay scenes with eachother. Noah even called them gay in the confessional lmao. Well, he didn't say they are, but he thinks they are in love with eachother. Noah's fist line this season that was hilarious. Back to my OTP, many people complain about them not having a storyline. You know, just because they don't have a plot, that doesn't mean they are bad characters, in fact, that's what makes them so special in my eyes. They were alright this episode, but in the next episode.. omg, I can't wait to talk about it <3. I also liked the TDWT episode 16 Sierra reference with Brody 8/10

Owen and Noah - Noah's face in the end was gold. This episode made Noah's line at the end of Finland pretty much pointless. Meh. Owen didn't really do much, but Noah had some good lines, AND HE WATCHED TITANIC A BUNCH OF TIMES, I LUV U. No really, I adore that movie. (I watched it like over 9000 times with my family and we always end up crying). I'm interested to see where this Nemma plotline will go. Also, Noah is not derailed people! 7/10

Emma and Kitty - Wow, I didn't even notice their development until now. Whoever predicted that they will change personality at the half of the season, you have my money. Emma was pretty creepy in this episode, until the end of the episode where she decided to dump Noah till the race is over (which was a good decision imo). I also like how Emma adores Noah's butt (roman god rofl). Emma, if you think Noah has a good butt, have you seen Justin's, Alejandro's Topher's and Jacques' butt yet? You should. She would kill people just for some good butts. Kitty showed that she has more personality in her. It was nice to see her taking care of the team this time. Like I said, they pretty much switched their personalities, and added some Sierra into Emma. 9/10

Sanders and MacArthur - I liked Sanders in this episode, and MacArthur had some good lines "You will nail it gurl!". I don't want to mention people in my blogs, but whoever said MacArthur is a Jo rip-off needs some help. MacArthur doesn't dislike Sanders. The way she talks and acts with Sanders is pretty much how she does with everyone in her life. They aren't enemies, Sanders likes MacArthur and MacArthur likes Sanders (this was shown many times in the show). This has got to be one of the most complex and well-written team this season. Although, they didn't really do much here besides having some funny lines, they will get better in the next episode. 8/10

Carrie and Devin - What I said about Devin in my previous review is still valid. He still annoyed me, and this is the first time I disliked Carrie as well. They just bored me and they didn't deserve to win that dance challenge imo. Prediction: So devin is in stage 3 of break-up now. Episode 17: stage 4, Episode 18: stage 5, Episode 19: Stage 6 and Episode 20: Final stage. Maybe that will be their elimination episode? I really hope so. 5/10

Stephanie and Ryan - Honestly, I like this team. Well, mostly Stephanie. I adored the rivalry between her and Josee. (Got to think of it, Stephanie has some really good rivalries this season), and she had some funny lines. Ryan was okay but I still like Stephanie more. But I have to admin, their constant arguing is pretty old now, and kinda annoying too. 7/10

Crimson and Ennui - They didn't do anything. :/ I guess, it's a gag now. 5/10

Josee and Jacques - like I said, I liked the rivalry between Josee and Stephanie. Many people call Josee a "bad villain", "god player", "ugly loser" and "b***h" on deviantart. :(. What I did dislike about them is that they finished the challenge way too fast. It's like the producers wanted us to hate this team. Some of us do, some of us don't. I also don't remember Jacques doing anything in this episode. But there was one lines that they said About Stephanie and Ryan.. "maybe they aren't as dumb as they look... maybe." "AS DUMB AS THEY LOOK" "AS THEY LOOK". Oh yeah, that was RRRAAAACCCIIIISSSSTTT  7/10

Overall rankings:

9th. Crimson and Ennui

8th. Carrie and Devin 

7th. Owen and Noah

6th. Josee and Jacques

5th. Stephanie and Ryan

4th. Dwayne and Junior

3rd. Geoff and Brody

2nd. Sanders and MacArthur

1st. Emma and Kitty

Best moment of the episode:

Noah&#039;s head is huge

Noah and Emma almost kissing!

Best character of the episode:

Asian Sierra

Queen Emma!

Thank you for reading!

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