Welcome back to DipDap's reviews! Yesterday was a good day since not only we got a new episode of RR, but right after that, we got the premiere of Survivor Cambodia! And oh boy.. it was phenomenal. But this is the TD wiki so let's talk about yesterday's RR episode, which was written by.. Miles Smith. Wow, the guy is on fire this season. Now let's start the team reviews.

Josee and Jacques - Why did they change their clothes back? They looked way better in black imo. I don't hate their purple outfits, but black clothes make people attractive in my eyes (yeah, I need help, I know). Anyway, they were cool. It was nice to see Josee tricking the police cadets and the surfer dudes, and the interaction between her and Ennui was priceless. Not shocked they got 1st. 8/10

Ennui and Crimson - After 2 episodes, they finally got some screen time again. Ennui was hilarious. I don't understand why do people prefer Crimson over Ennui. I like both, but Ennui shows more personality and he had more dialogue so far. As always, they were comedy gold. Loki is already better than Zoey, but I have a feeling he will be the one that will cause the goths elimination.. 8/10

Carrie and Devin - Devin is still annoying me, although the scene right before the intro with him and Don was funny (mostly because of Don). Carrie interacted with another character this time. Spud! Good job gurl!. 6/10

Stephanie and Ryan - Aww those bunnies were so adorable <3 Also, it's obvious they will end up together. Ryan said "not as cute as you are" and stephanie didn't slap or said anything to him after that. So do they like or hate eachother now? I have no idea. I like Ryan's voice. 7/10

Dwayne and Junior - they didn't do anything. :/ 5/10

Emma and Kitty - they didn't do anything. :/ 5/10

Owen and Noah - They had 2 scenes and both of them was Owen farting. The first one made me laugh and feel bad for those bunnies. The second one was eh, but Noah's reaction was priceless. 6/10

Geoff and Brody - I guess, the Brody and MacArthur thing is their main plot? I have no idea. They were pretty funny and likeable, especially Brody when he worried about MacArthur's safety (I don't ship them at all, but it was cute), and i'm starting to like the Cadets and the Surfer Dudes friendship now. 7/10

Sanders and MacArthur - All of MacArthur's lines were golden. When she chased the bunny, when she scared the bunnies with Sanders and especially when she helped both her team and the Surfer Dudes to win the challenge. Sanders didn't really do much though, MacArthur was obviously the MVP of the episode. 9/10

Chet and Lorenzo - Here's dumb and dumber. Both were annoying as heck and i'm so glad they got the boot. The only thing that I liked about them in this episode was the ending scene with them and the Rockers. That was nice. 5/10

Rock and Spud - These 2 went from awful to amazing on my list. I never thought I will like them this much. Rock was funny but he wasn't as funny as Spud. OMG SPUD. The song that he sang to Carrie was the highlight of the episode to me, and most of his lines were golden. I was sad to see them go. </3 I'm glad the producers decided to make them more likeable and develop them a little bit. 10/10

Overall rankings:

11th. Chet and Lorenzo

10th. Dwayne and Junior

9th. Emma and Kitty

8th. Carrie and Devin

7th. Owen and Noah

6th. Stephanie and Ryan

5th. Geoff and Brody

4th. Jacques and Josee

3rd. Ennui and Crimson

2nd. Sanders and MacArthur

1st. Spud and Rock

Funniest moment of the episode;


The interaction between Spud and Carrie. I screamed when I first watched this.

Best character of the episode:


Fat king

Tie between Spud and MacArthur!

Thank you for reading!

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