Welcome back to DipDap's reviews! Welp, this was episode 13. Imagine the season to just end here to continue the 13 episodes trend, and air the other 13 episodes July or September. Wouldn't that be cool? (of course not) Anyway, this episode was pretty good. Now let's get started.

Rock and Spud - They didn't do anything. :/ 5/10

Dwayne and Junior - Junior was a little bit unlikeable when he mocked his father at the start, but it was cute how he wanted to win the challenge so they call his mom. Dwayne was funny and had some good lines. Wow. First episode where Dwayne was better than Junior. Incredible. 7/10

Geoff and Brody - They didn't do anything. :/ 5/10

Chet and Lorenzo - Imagine how would Lightning's and Lindsay's kids look and sound like. Well, here you have it. Unlike Lindsay and Lightning, these 2 are annoyingly dumb. It was good to see them finally befriending eachother AFTER 13 EPISODES!!! Couldn't this plot just end at like.. episode 6? What was the point of making them going this far? I didn't found them funny, or even entertaining. They just annoyed me and they annoy me even more now that they like eachother. Just get out already. 5/10

Owen and Noah - Owen is still funny while Noah bores me. Wait, didn't he say he's off Emma for good in Finland? Whatever. They were pretty funny, especially Owen. The poop joke somehow worked.. I don't know how. 7/10

Stephanie and Ryan - They didn't do anything. :/ 5/10

Ennui and Crimson - They didn't do anything. :/ 5/10

Emma and Kitty - They didn't get that much focus in this episode sadly. It was good to see Kitty and Carrie talk again and that Nemma is still in the air. 7/10

Carrie and Devin - Oh boy... So, I love Carrie, I always did. She was good again. I don't understand why does she get so much hate when she's exactly like Bridgette in terms of interactions. Devin on the other hand.. this is the episode that started my hatred towards him. So far, I only found him bland/tolerable, but now I just found him to be incredibly annoying. His voice annoyed me deeply. Homie was good at first, but now it's just tiring, his attitude makes TDA Trent look sane, his brain makes TDAS Zoey look like a genius, and he will get worse in the next episode.. way worse. You know, if Zoey is smarter than you, then you must have a really big mental problem. 6/10

Josee and Jacques - Now we get on the 2 teams that made this episode amazing. One of them is the Ice Dancers. They look hot in black, and it was AMAZING to see the rivalry between them and the Cadets back. Not only that, but we now know that Josee is claustrophobic (Just like Gwen and Jasmine). Finally some character development. The scene where Josee made MacArthur say things that Mac didn't want to say was just great to watch, and the boomerang scene was also fantastic. I seriously want AND HOPE the final 2 will be Cadets and Ice Dancers. They would make an amazing final 2 imo. 10/10

Sanders and MacArthur - And my cops are back! Thank God! I missed them so much! You don't even know how disappointed I was when they were in the background for like 5 episodes, and all the screentime that they had in them was just MacArthur farting. Now they are back. Sanders is finally showing more character and MacArthur just made it herself in my top 3 best RR characters list. All of her lines were golden. This is the MacArthur that I loved and I was excited to see since episode 1. I already explained my thoughts on the rivalry between them and the Ice skaters. 10/10

Overall rankings:

11th. Rock and Spud

10th. Stephanie and Ryan

9th. Geoff and Brody

8th. Ennui and Crimson

7th. Chet and Lorenzo

6th. Carrie and Devin

5th. Emma and Kitty

4th. Owen and Noah

3rd. Dwayne and Junior

2nd. Josee and Jacques

1st. Sanders and MacArthur

Best moment of the episode:


Fight, slap, kick

The rivalry between these 2 teams! One of the best things about this spin-off!

Best character of the episode:

Cute Arthur

Queen MacArthur!

Thank you for reading!

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