TD Fandom's logic:

People Complain about ROTI, TDAS and TDPI not having more non elimination episodes, because to them, Non Elimination episodes help to develop some characters and we can see our favorites for more.

And now they complain about RR having non elimination episodes. Yeah, sometimes this fandom makes me sick, i'm not kidding. 

Welcome Back To DipDap's reviews, and when I was a kid, selfies were called pictures. Well, this episode was a mixed bag for many people. Some people even call it the worst episode of the season, while to me, it was actually really good. Episode 13 is even better, but it will annoy some people because of.. one thing. You know what i'm talking about. "winks". Now let's start our review. Today's episode is written by Shelley! Yay! 

Emma and Kitty - for once, I'll start with the female teams. It really disappointed me that in a challenge where you had to do selfies, Kitty had no dialogue. :( Out of every selfie picture, theirs, and Carrie and Devin's were the only ones that didn't make me laugh my big butt off. Sad. Oh, and it's pretty weird that there was no Nemma in this episode, but I guess, we needed a break from it already. They were the main focus from episode 8 to 11. 5/10

Sanders and MacArthur - And the queens are back people! They were funny again and a great team. MacArthur was hilarious and she used her original humor and not some random fart jokes. "I guess 44 minutes of running is too much for a rhino huh? BURN!". Literally, one of the best lines of RR so far. Sanders is alright, but if I have to choose between Sanders and MacArthur, I would definitely choose MacArthur. 10/10. The funny thing is, this isn't even their best episode. Oh you just wait... ;)

Josee and Jacques - and here is the most hated team on Deviantart. Some users want to see them dead. I'm not kidding. They are considered this season's "Godplayers" to them. I like how in this fandom, these words just never want to die. Anyway, these 2 seriously reminded me of Jessie and James from Pokemon. Who am I kidding, they were like them since the start. They were just hilarious and it was nice to see this curse plot to end. I guess the point of that plot was to show that the Ice Dancers aren't perfect, but that wasn't enough for the Deviantart users. Josee wanting to run over Dwayne was both funny and really cruel. But It's Josee. I was glad they weren't eliminated, although, we all knew they won't be eliminated. lol. 10/10

Carrie and Devin - It was really good to see the Junior-Carrie plot to come back, which pretty much ended in this episode. That was the only good thing that these two did in this episode. Oh, and Devin finally interacting with someone. (but let's face it, Junior was the one who started the conversation so Devin didn't even want to talk with him). I still like Carrie, and I still hate Devin. I don't know if this is a spoiler or not, but the next few episodes made me realise that Devin is my least favorite RR character. Yes, worse than Chet and Lorenzo. I'll explain soon. 7/10

Ennui and Crimson - Their selfies were hilarious. "weeeeeee" "whatever'. They also made the rhino black (I hope this didn't sound racist). Besides that, they were mostly in the background, which is weird considering the amount of screentime and development they got in the previous episode. 6/10

Stephanie and Ryan - Yay they interacted with Junior. Yay they showed that they still kinda like eachother at the end. Yay the Stephanie-MacArthur conflict was great to watch. Yeah, this team was cool, but it was mostly Stephanie that made this team great. I also loved their selfies. 8/10

Dwayne and Junior - I always questioned myself before the actual premiere. What would happen if one team member will lose the other one? And they did it, with none other than Dwayne and Junior. I hate to watch these type of movies where the Father/Mother loses his/her child and they do everything that they can to find him/her, because it always makes me cry. This whole episode was basically "Finding Nemo" in TD style and not in Disney style. Both Dwayne and Junior were heartwarming in here, funny, and just overall fun to watch because of the development that these 2 got. Not to mention, them interacting with a lot of other contestants. I forgive Dwayne now. It looks like that joke was just a one episode thing. 10/10

Owen and Noah - Basically what I said about Emma and Kitty, but their selfies were a lot better (Noah's smile was so cute, I would eat that guy for breakfast). 6/10

Geoff and Brody - So that's how Geoff's hat stayed on his head, even when he jumped off the cliff in TDI.. it's good to know. Sadly that's the only thing I remember them doing. But I'm still a big GeoffxBrody fangirl <33333333 6/10

Rock and Spud - Spud is stoned, I swear. I'm actually shocked at how much I like this team now. Spud is funny now, and Rock was always a likeable guy. They were cool in this episode, but their time is imo over now. You can't really develop them anymore. 8/10

Chet and Lorenzo - Excuse me while I vomit. 4/10

Overall Rankings:

11th. Chet and Poo head

10th. Emma and Kitty

9th. Owen and Noah

8th. Geoff and Brody

7th. Ennui and Crimson

6th. Carrie and Devin

5th. Rock and Spud

4th. Stephanie and Ryan

3rd. Josee and Jacques

2nd. Sanders and MacArthur

1st. Dwayne and Junior

Funniest Moment:


MacArthur vs Rhino

Best Character of the episode:


Tie between these 2 cuties. 

Thank you for reading!

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