Welcome back to DipDap's reviews! While i'm enjoying my highschool days, every other TD fan on the facebook group are panicking because RR doesn't have as good ratings as the 5 seasons of TD did. I bet they send some bad messages to CN, and CN decided to put RR on a better time slot, and not only that, but they also haven't uploaded any previews or episodes since then. Wow. Back to the topic of the blog, this episode was written by Miles Smith again. He/She wrote 3 episodes in row. Give the other writers a chance too please! I don't even think I saw an episode of RR so far that is written by Alex Ganetakos. But anyway, this episode was.. alright. It's on the same level as episode 4 and 10. I give it a 7 out of 10. Now let's start the review!

Ennui and Crimson - Let's start off with the best team of this episode. It was nice to hear some backstory about their relationship and it was nice to see their true look. Ennui is so cute, but his voice doesn't fit that design. Rofl. Crimson looks cute as well. I liked their new designs as well, but how was Ennui that tall? Now I ship him with Jasmine. What else can I say? They were good. 10/10

Carrie and Devin - It was nice to see them interact with Crimson. Hey, I think this is the first time Devin has ever talked with someone that is not Carrie! Yay! This is Carrie's 7th interaction. I think. She had one with Dwayne, Junior, Devin, Kitty, Rock, Tom and.. Crimson. Yeah, 7th. I don't remember them doing the air guitar challenge. But they didn't annoy me. 7/10

Stephanie and Ryan - the way Ryan said "you're pure evil!" was pretty funny to me. I'm weird. Also, Stephanie's and Sanders's faces when Spud offered an alliance was priceless. Sadly, that's the only thing I remember them doing. 7/10

Jacques and Josee - Another episode where they were the most hilarious duo. Especially Jacques. There should be a "pain magnets" category btw. I like how now they know why they are so unlucky now and i'm interested how will they solve this plotline. So yeah, they were hilarious. 10/10

Dwayne and Junior - Junior must think Spud is a dumb fatass. Anyway, another team that was mostly in the background. Did Dwayne even talk? 6/10

Chet and Lorenzo - They haven't said a single line since episode 9. And they only made a confessional in that episode. Can they just leave already? 5/10

Sanders and MacArthur - MacArthur, please stop with the fart jokes gurl! Aside from that, this team was alright. But this was the team that had the least amount of focus this week, which is understandable since they had the most amount of focus on week 1. I also liked how MacArthur slowed down the Rockers. 7/10

Emma and Kitty - I swear, that scene when Kitty freaked out in the sauna, was so damn similar to that scene when Lindsay was screaming and running in that Camp TV Video. Fun Fact: This is the first time when someone sabotage a team, and that team got eliminated this episode. Good job Emma! Even if she felt sorry about what she did, it was nice to see someone sabotaging a team. I expected Emma to do something like this, I just didn't know to who. I expected her (and this still can happen) to sabotage the Cadets. This Nemma plotline is just so rushed to me. I liked it at first, but it's developing way too fast. It makes me think that one of them will go home next week. But yeah, this team was great. 10/10

Owen and Noah - They were pretty funny but Noah's voice was really off when he said he's not into Emma anymore. It felt like his voice actor didn't even try. Nowen was strong this episode, I bet the Owen and Noah shippers liked the last 3 minutes of this episode. I already explained my thoughts about the Nemma plotline. So yeah, they were alright. 8/10

Geoff and Brody - I seriously don't remember them doing ANYTHING. Nothing. Was this team even shown in the episode? 5/10

Rock and Spud - the only thing that I disliked about this duo in this episode was.. yeah, you know, the fart scene. But i'm not mad since every season had these type of Jokes. And don't tell me TDI didn't have one, because it did. But yeah, this team was also alright. I actually liked Spud more than Rock. He was funny. Oh, and the challenge was kinda rigged for them. But they were cool. 8/10

Mickey and Jay - THANK GOD! I said I will quit the show if they do another Cameron story with them. Thank God they didn't! I honestly disliked this team since episode 6. That was the last episode where they had an actual plotline. Mickey was alright, he actually interacted with some people, and was seen doing the challenges more than Jay, who all he did this season was to explain all of Mickey's allergies. I'm not kidding. Glad they are gone. 6/10

Overall rankings:

12th. Chet and Lorenzo

11th. Geoff and Brody

10th. Mickey and Jay

9th. Dwayne and Junior

8th. Carrie and Devin

7th. Stephanie and Ryan

6th. Sanders and MacArthur

5th. Rock and Spud

4th. Owen and Noah

3rd. Jacques and Josee

2nd. Emma and Kitty

1st. Ennui and Crimson 

Funniest moment of this episode:

Kitty Goddess

Kitty's freakout because I loved this reference to Camp TV!

Best character of this episode:

King and his Queen

Tie between king Ennui and Queen Crimson Goddess!

Thank you for reading! 

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