Welcome back to DipDap's reviews! Today's episode (actually yesterday's but whatever) was written by the Vegans! I'm not kidding. Laurie Elliott and Miles Smith. Fun Fact: Laurie is named after Laurie Elliott, one of the writers of this episode. Fun Fact: Laurie shares the same voice with Courtney. Fun Fact: Courtney was eliminated in China in TDWT. Last Fun Fact: This episode takes place in China. Now After many fun facts, let's start the review. Oh yeah, I forgot, this episode was on the same level as episode 4. Not amazing, but not bad either. It was just okay. I give it a 7 out of 10.

Stephanie and Ryan - Remember back then when 80% of the fandom thought they will go home in this episode because of Stephanie's line from episode 1? "There's so much to discover, like, how does Chocolate tastes like in China". Well, yeah, they won the challenge in this episode. MIND BLOWN. Anyway, they were pretty annoying. Now that Ryan is mean to Stephanie, it just makes this team another Chet and Lorenzo, AND I DEFINITELY DON'T WANT ANOTHER CHET AND LORENZO. 5/10

Jacques and Josee - Have I ever told you guys how much I love Jacques's voice? Scott McCord has put a lot of effort into his characters this season. Anyway, I really liked this team, especially those scenes with Jacques's injuries. "My ankle" this is not even funny, but Jacques's voice is so good when he says that, it make it funny. Josee was also kween. This is the second time they used that fire background when she said something "evil". Or is it the first? Meh. 8/10

Crimson and Ennui - Crimson's line about the Bats being the most beautiful creatures on earth was pretty funny. I'm pretty sure they think Butterflies are the most disgusting on earth. Lol. Aside from that line, I don't remember them doing anything else. 6/10

Carrie and Devin - Not gonna line, the "that's my bucket" line made me laugh for 2 minutes. You see, this is why I like Carrie a lot more than Devin. Not only is she interacting with others, but she's also pretty funny and cute sometimes. Devin on the other hand is just annoying and bland. Shelley has more personality than him (No, really). 7/10

Sanders and MacArthur - Can we just talk about how only 2 female teams are left? Anyway, these 2 were mostly on the background. I miss the Cadets vs Ice Dancers scenes. And no, I do not like how Brody is into MacArthur in these episodes. Brody belongs to Geoff and Geoff only! I wish they talked more. 5.5/10

Emma and Kitty - This team was the main team of this episode. Now we know that Emma is into Noah as well. She thinks he's hot, funny, cool, and just like every Noah fangirl, ADORES HIS BUTT. Imo, Noah's design has a flaw. His legs are way too short and his torso (his head too) are way too long. Now that I think about, Duncan's design also suffers the same problem. Remember this famous scene?


Yeah.. 99% of the fandom was creeped out. Back to Emma and and Kitty, they were alright. Especially Kitty again. I like how she tries to make Emma and Noah like eachother more and more. Emma was also alright. Plus points to Emma for letting the TV Pros get 2nd. 9/10

Owen and Noah - It was really cute from Noah to help the Sisters out. Owen also had some funny moments. What else can I really say? Their main purpose was Nomma (Nemma?) and I already explained what I think of it. 9/10

Geoff and Brody - Basically what I said about Sanders and MacArthur. 5.5/10

Mickey and Jay - These 2 are back to being characters with no story or anything important going on for them. Can they just leave already?  After episode 7, it just feels like these 2 are just here to annoy the audience with explaining all of their allergies. 5/10

Dwayne and Junior - They had some funny lines. Junior wasn't out of character like he was in Dubai and Dwayne was alright. They were background characters since the Iceland episode, and honestly, I have no problem with it. 6/10

Chet and Lorenzo - They had no lines. I can't give them a score higher or lower than 5. 5/10

Rock and Spud - After 9 episodes, they finally had an episode where they are Main characters! Finally! Shockingly, I really liked them. Rock was really funny when he interacted with Carrie and when he tried to make Spud more useful in the challenges by giving him Chocolate oinks. Spud was the TD's version of Scooby Doo in here. He makes Leonard look sane. Spud was also pretty funny. For the first time, I liked him, and this team overall. It was also really good to see Spud saying sorry to Rock for being sometimes useless and costing them the challenge. Although, I don't know what can the producers still do with them, I was glad to see them still in the race. Oh and Spud must be on drugs btw. 9/10

Overall rankings:

12th. Stephanie and Ryan

11th. Mickey and Jay

10th. Chet and Lorenzo

9th. Geoff and Brody

8th. Sanders and macArthur

7th. Dwayne and Junior

6th. Crimson and Ennui

5th. Carrie and Devin

4th. Jacques and Josee

3rd. Owen and Noah

2nd. Emma and Kitty

1st. Rock and Spud

Funniest moment of this episode:

Carrue gurl sla

Best Character:

Jacques King kinf kinf

Thank you for reading! Also, TDPI just won some award today. Yay.

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