These are not my personal opinions!

Total Drama Island

Most liked character: Lindsay - Everyone loved Lindsay in TDI. Seriously, I don't know anybody who disliked TDI Lindsay. 

Runner-Up: Gwen 

Least liked character: Heather - Many people hated Heather back in the TDI, mainly because she was evil. The first antagonist. Personally, I don't think Heather was that bad in TDI.

Runner Up: Sadie

Total Drama Action

Most liked Character: Lindsay - There's a reason why I think Lindsay's the fan favorite of Total Drama. Many people rooted for her again and many people were very pissed off about her elimination.  

Runner-Up: Harold 

Least liked character: Trent - The first derailed character of Total Drama. Nobody liked Trent in TDA. He was creepy, Gwen obsessed... don't know anyone who liked Trent in TDA. 

Runner-Up: Owen

Total Drama World Tour

Most liked character: Noah: TDWT was Noah's season. He was funny, sarcastic, and a good team player. It's obvious that Noah is the TDWT fan favorite and probably the most liked male in total drama so far. 

Runner-Up: Heather 

Least liked character: Blaineley: I don't know why people hate Blaineley so much but judging by the users rankings, she's the least liked TDWT character. 

Runner-Up: DJ

Total Drama Revenge Of The Island

Most liked character: Brick: Dawn was the most liked character but nowadays, people started to put Brick as their number 1 on their list and Dawn as 7 or 6. I don't know why is this. 

Runner-Up: Dakota

Least liked character: B - People mainly hated him because he did not talk at all during his time on the show. I'm pretty sure he's the most hated character from TDROTI. 

Runner-Up: Staci

Total Drama All-Stars

Most liked character: Scott - Do I even need to explain this? 

Runner-Up: Jo 

Least liked character: Mike - Do I even need to explain this? 

Runner-Up: Zoey

Total Drama Pahkitew Island

Most liked character: Jasmine/Shawn - Judging by the people rankings in deviantART and on here, Jasmine and Shawn are the most liked characters of TDPI.

Runner-Up: Ella

Least liked character: Dave - Kinda the same reason as Trent. He was completely derailed. Many people also hated him before his derailment. 

Runner-Up: Sugar

Comment who do you think was the most liked and the least liked character of each season. Thank you for reading! :D

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