Hey there, this blog will be about Sugar who's very VERY hated by the fandom. 

Most people hate her for the following 3 reasons: 

If you Wiki users don't stop hating me, I'm going to eat you.


1. For being disgusting  

2. For causing trouble between Sky and Dave

3. For eliminating and being rude to Ella 

Sugar wasn't that hated by the fandom when the first 2 episodes premiered, But after she started to interact with Ella, people started to hate. After Ella's elimination, the Skave shipers started to hate her for causing trouble between Sky and Dave. After Dave's elimination people hated her EVEN MORE for indirectly causing Jasmine's elimination.  

Okay, let me just say my opinion.  Sugar is actually one of my favorites because she's imo the funniest female character on the show. She was hilarious in every single episode she was in, even in Sky Fall. Why should I hate her for causing Ella's

elimination? She did something that most of us would do. Ella annoyed Sugar to death. Wouldn't you do the same to the person who annoys you? I bet you would. Sugar didn't kill Ella, she just  eliminated her. This is the same reason on why was Scott so hated in ROTI by the fandom: for eliminating the two fan favorites (Dawn and Mike). After Ella's departure, Sugar was even funnier imo. Out of every TDPI contestant, she cared to most about the game, that's why she caused trouble in the Skave plot.  I also don't like how people on Facebook and on DeviantART call her. Okay, call her disgusting, call her mean, call her unfunny or call her evil, but it is seriously necesarry to call her a fat pig, a Bi***, a cu**, and other swear words? It makes you fell better if you call an aminated character a fat pig? Besides, what did she even do to deserve to be called like that? I just don't really understand these people.

So yeah, that's my opinion on Sugar, but what's your opinion on her? Comment your opinion on her (only of you want). 


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