Holy Smokes, it's been months since I last made a blog. 

And Holy Smokes, it's been like a year since i last made a Good or Bad blog. For those of you who don't know, in a Good or Bad blog, i'm going to analyze a certain character and how much liked or hated that certain character is. I'm also going to give out my personal opinion on that character. 

Today, i'm gonna be talking about Courtney 2.0 Stephanie! 

So, Stephanie's only season so far was TDRR and oh boy was she an experiment. Stephanie started out as another Bridgette, who loves her boyfriend very much. In the first 4 episodes she didn't do much but compliment her
Stephanie teeth chattering and shivering cold swim

My brother calls her Rihanna

boyfriend Ryan, but she did show her bossy personality like when Ryan lost both of their oars in episode 3 and Stephanie glared at him like, boy you're gonna get beaten up!. Up to that point, nobody really disliked Stephanie, but nobody really liked her either, and there were very few people who shipped her with Ryan. From episode 5 onwards, Stephanie showed more and more of the bossier side of her that not everyone liked, episode 7 being the episode where she gained a huge hatebase for being a b to Ryan. In episode 8, Stephanie was still a b to Ryan, but this time, Ryan fought back because he couldn't stand Stephanie's attitude anymore. A lot of people were annoyed by them in that episode, but also a lot of people liked them because of how realistic they were and their conflict was pretty hilarious sometimes. From episode 9 to pretty much episode 20, Stephanie didn't do much but fight with Ryan and compete for the million bucks. A lot of people hated, despised Stephanie for that, but also a lot of people liked her for being similar to Courtney. In episode 22, Stephanie started to become jealous at Carrie, showing that she still has interest in Ryan, and in episode 23, after Ryan helped her, Stephanie developed and said sorry for everything that she has done to Ryan. Ryan forgave her, they became a couple again and got eliminated. 
Stephanie holy crap

Me whenever I have to wake up for School

Many people hated Stephanie for having a predictable plot with Ryan and for being very mean to him, but a lot of people also liked her because she had a fun and relatable personality and because of her development in episode 23, while it was predictable, it was still pretty nice to watch. 

Overall, Stephanie's a character that you either love or hate. She's very diverse in the fanbase, because she doesn't have that many fans, but she doesn't have that many haters either. 

In my opinion, Stephanie was a very fun character to watch who made RR very interesting for me. I love the type of characters like her, she had a lot of funny lines and I related to her a lot sometimes. Like about the French Fry thing, I also don't like when somebody touches my fries because fries are my life. Yeah sure, she wasn't perfect all the time, if there's something that I really disliked about her is the fact that she wasted a boomerang for a very dumb reason. But that's just my opinion.

What is your opinion on Stephanie? Do you like her, or do you want to see her getting burned alive? Tell me your thoughts in the comments below.

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