I had a hard time deciding who should I do next. I wanted to make one about a character that was very important in the series and is a mixed bag for the fans like Sugar. It's Sky! 

Why people hate/love her

Some people hate Sky for the following 2 reasons:

1. She's boring

2. Keith and Skave

For many people Sky is either a Zoey clone or a Bridgette clone because she's athelic and a good person
Sky TDPI Rank

I want those earrings tbh.

(for the most part) and boring for some people. Sky was very well liked by the fandom at first from what I saw. People liked how all she wanted was to win and how she cared about his teammates even though some of them are weirdos. From what I saw, people actually liked her interactions with Dave at first. She was a well liked character until "Three Zones and a Baby" where for some people she was pretty mean with Dave. Her popularity got worse in "Hurl and Go Seak". I can't really explain it why but people hated both her and Dave in that episode. This is when Skave started to become worse than Zoke for some people. After Dave's elimination she mostly interacted with Sugar that some people liked but some people hated. Personally I liked it. In Lies, Cries and Blah Blah Blah, Sky became very hated by some people. Once again, she mostly cared about the money and not about Dave. I can't fully explain why some people hated that Keith thing. Lastly, her ending for some people was very rushed and weak. 

My Opinion

To me, Sky was a boring character but I don't hate her. Her design is good but the animators should've


change her eyes tbh. I like some things about Sky. For once, I really like her friendship with Ella and her conflict with Sugar. Pahk'd with Talent is my favorite TDPI episode mostly because of the Sugar and Sky conflict. It was very interesting to watch. Sky's friendship with Ella was very cute and sometimes it reminds me of Gwen and Bridgette (my favorite friendship from the series). I can't fully explain it why. And I actually think this friendship was what Zoey and Dawn used to be back in TDROTI. But besides those two things, Sky was pretty boring character to me in some episodes and her placement was PREDICTABLE af. Her ending to me was okay. I like that she's the first official female winner. I don't care about Skave or Keith. I never cared about Skave. It was just so uninteresting to me. So, my overall opinion on Sky is that she's okay. Nothing more.

Thank you for reading! What's your opinion on Sky? Comment!

Peace and Happy Easter!!! :*

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