Okay, before I start this blog, I just wanna say A BIG BIG BIG HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY BFF TheEpicDestroyer!! Epic, I love you! You were my BFF since my first day on the wiki. You are kind, smart, funny, friendly, hot and everything that I'm looking for in a friend. Thank you for existing and Happy Birthday boo! Here's my special gift for you: A Scott Good or Bad Blog!

Okay so, if there's one character that is more of a mixed bag in the fandom than Owen, then that must be Scott. After looking at a bunch of rankings, he's either seriously liked (mostly because of All Stars) or seriously disliked and want him dead and want him to get killed WITH FIRE!

Okay so, in TDROTI from what I know, he was seriously despised for some reasons. The first reason is that his strategy was really dumb and unrealistic. I can't argue with that. This is in fact true. He had luck that besides Dawn, B and Dakota (who didn't care about the competition), all his teammates were idiots. The second reason is that he eliminated the fan favorite and one of the most liked characters in the series, Dawn. Okay, Scott just played the game. I don't think this is a reason to despise him like that. I like Scott more than Dawn btw. The third and final reason is that he eliminated Mike. Okay this may sound weird, because Mike is incredibly hated here on wiki, but believe me, Mike is seriously well-liked by the youtube fanbase. Before TDAS, Scott was 38th in almost every Top 38 TD characters video and Mike was in the top 5. I saw the comments and they said "I hate that idiot Scott for eliminating Mike!!" or "Scott is fat, ugly and old and he eliminated Mike <3". So yeah, Scott wasn't that popular back then. Many people hated his karma too and people felt sorry for him when he cried. 

In All Stars though, he started to have a bigger fanbase. He wasn't that strategic, or smart.. or even evil. I think the
Scott TDAS Rank


episode where he started to interact with Courtney, that's when people started to like him more. Especially the Courtney fans. Then he was more and more hilarious, episode after the episode and gained more and more fans to the point where he was considered the best All Stars character and it's still is to some people. When he broke up with Courtney in SMS, I think that was the moment when he lost some Courtney fans, but he was still well liked. Overall, Scott shocked a lot of users here. From a failure villain, to a funny comic relief. About his design, I have no idea what people think about his design. In my opinion he's cute.

What do I think about Scott? Well, I seriously disliked him in TDROTI. Not because he eliminated Mike, Dawn or B. I hated him because he just acted so negative to me. I don't know how to explain this, he was just a villain that you just wanted to see lose even if you like villains in tv shows. I liked him All Stars a lot. I don't consider him overrated at all. If Scott ever comes back, I don't think he will make that far but whatever.


What do you think about Scott? Comment.

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