Shocked right? Some people wanted me to make blogs like this more often. I decided to make "a good or bad character" blog in every Wednesday and Saturday (My 2 favorite days bytheway). Today i'm going to talk about a character I really really like, but some people hate her: Scarlett! 

Some people hate her because of the following reasons: 

1. For only interacting with Max 

2. For being a horrible antagonist. 

Scarlett in the first 7 episodes was pretty similar to Topher, they both only interact with one person (Scarlett

I like her Christmas Tree hair!

with Max, Topher with Chris), while she didn't really interact with the other contestants she was still very funny and interesting. She did something in every challenge unlike Topher. In episode 10 Scarlett revealed her true nature. Many people liked it but some people hated it. Some people said this ruined Scarlett's character completely. She's still one of the most popular characters of TDPI, along with Shawn, Jasmine, Ella and Sammy. 

Some people even compare her with Mal... . Heck, people even think Mal was a better antagonist than Scarlett... 

Yeah, because he's sooooo "Good"...  

NO HE'S NOT! MAL SUCKS, SCARLETT ROCKS OKAY? MAL'S DEAD, SCARLETT'S ALIVE! MAL'S DUMB, SCARLETT'S SMART! STOP COMPARING THESE TWO PLEASE! Agh, I'm sorry but I just HATE when someone compares one of my least favorite characters with one of my favorites. I adore Scarlett! 

What's your opinion on her? Comment your opinion on her (only of you want).