According to someone from the Official Total Drama Facebook Page who talked to Christine Thompson about this subject, Christine said...


"Samey does have a small crush on Topher, because he represents everything she isn't (happy, and he oozes self-confidence), Amy on the other hand, does not like Topher at all."

The user promised to send me a screenshot of the conversation as a proof. Once he will send it, I will link it here. 

This is interesting to know. I think many of us wanted to know why Amy said "Topher thinks yo fat" to Samey when they fought with eachother. 

Now, this is only about Samey. We don't know if Topher likes her, but considering he thinks she's a weirdo... yeah. But Samey having a crush on him is 60% confirmed sadly.  What are your thoughts on this? Do you think they may come back for season 6? Do you think they have a chance to become a romantic couple? No. Tell me your thoughts in the comments below. 

EDIT: The user that I was talking about sent me a screenshot of the conversation he had with Christine Thompson. 


The "maybe" just made this even ship even less confirmed. 

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