Hi there! Since TD's future is on limbo, many blogs nowadays are all about "omg is TD cancled?" "td is over?" "who will return?" "cancled? td got cancled!?" "cows or goats?" I decided to make a blog that is not about TD's future and it doesn't contain any negativity. In this blog, I will talk about my top 10 favorite eliminations from the franchise, including RR. Grab your popcorns, put your reading mood on because it's time to read!

10) Eva's elimination in Total Drama Island


This is the first elimination of the series that was caused by the main antagonist of the season, Heather. As much as her plan lacked common sense, (like, what if the Bass win the challenge? Then the whole MP3 stealing plan would have been pointless) I still liked it. Heather managed to make Eva's social game worse than it already was to the point where her physical skills didn't even matter to her teammates, and that was very impressive. Also, Eva was beast when she kicked Chris, throw a stick at Courtney, and ranted about the show. Legend.

9) Owen's elimination in Total Drama World Tour


I don't know how to explain this. It was just SO good to finally see Owen going home. Don't get me wrong, I didn't hate Owen in World Tour, but besides Blaineley, every other character in the merge had a plot, except for Owen. It was time for him to go already. How Alejandro got the guy eliminated was very impressive, also the instant karma that he got when he kicked Owen out of the plane was priceless.

8) Lindsay's elimination in Total Drama Action


I know I will get some flack for this, but I liked this elimination. It was very shocking and sad to me, and if you know me, you know that I like shocking and sad scenes. It was very unexpected, but it kinda ruined all those episodes where Lindsay showed that she does have a brain. Whatever, the sad part is what I liked the most about this. Lindsay was my (and almost everyone's) favorite character in TDA, and the fact that she lost was already sad enough, but before she entered the limo, Beth told her that it's all her fault she got elimination and was very sad that Lindsay lost her chance for the million, to which Lindsay said something beautiful, "Don't worry! Friends are worth way more than money!" to which Beth hugged her and said one of the best lines of the season "Lindsay, that's the smartest thing anyone has ever said this season!". TDA is underrated, and so was this elimination. It's the only elimination of Lindsay that I liked.  #TDAneedsmorefans

7) The Fashion Bloggers' elimination in Total Drama Presents: The Ridonculous Race


This is another great elimination, mostly because of emotional reasons. In the episode where they got eliminated, they had a fight over who was the one that created the blog. At the end, they made up with each other and become friends again. The reason why this is #7 on the list is because of the speech they said when they were running to the chill zone. It was beautiful, great, very emotional, and one of the best things about RR.

6) Jo's elimination in Total Drama Revenge of the Island


This is my third favorite "regular" elimination of the series. If you know what I mean by regular. I liked how Cameron and Lightning teamed up to get Jo out of the game, and how Cameron blindsided Jo was great. Jo had it coming for her. 

5) Heather's elimination in Total Drama Action


For many years, I considered this elimination to be most the most shocking one out of every elimination in the series. After rewatching ROTI again, I changed my mind. This elimination is very high on the list because it was very unexpected. You would think LeShawna will go home because of the whole lie plotline, but nope, it was Heather. Harold and Duncan gave LeShawna another chance, and they disliked Heather way more than LeShawna at that moment anyways. That was very shocking and unexpected to me. #TDANeedsMoreFans

4) Dawn's elimination in Total Drama Revenge Of The Island


The Females had way better eliminations than the guys in this show. Also worse. Dawn's elimination is my favorite thing about TDROTI. The way she got eliminated was both very shocking, unexpected, and well thought out. Dawn was the fan favorite that 84% of the fandom wanted to see winning the million dollars. The fact that she got eliminated THIS early was already unexpected enough, but until the last 5,4 minutes we all thought Brick will go home, since he was the one that Scott originally wanted to eliminate. Scott's plan was very good btw. They even twisted the shocking part of the episode when Dawn thought she find the invincibility statue, but it turned out to be fake. I love love love this elimination so much.

3) Sugar's elimination in Total Drama Pahkitew Island


I originally wanted to put Ella's elimination in here because of her goodbye song, but the reason why she got eliminated really bothered me. Sugar's elimination is, in my opinion, the funniest elimination ever. She thought her singing voice is the best thing in the world, and when she started to sing, cameras started to break, animals almost died, scuba bear died, etc. The reactions to her singing were incredibly funny. The thing that she thought she's the best at got her eliminated, and her reaction to it was also hilarious. And her last line in the season "I'M COMING WIZARD". Hilarious. Just hilarious. 

2) Heather's elimination in Total Drama Island    


You saw this coming, didn't you? This elimination was epic. That's all I can say. The fact that LINDSAY, the girl that Heather backstabbed, caused her elimination and broke her hearth got Heather eliminated is something that I don't think ANYONE in the TD fandom disliked. Heather's karma was the best karma an antagonist has even gotten in this series, because she didn't get hurt, or died, but she still lost something that she Really liked. Her hair. Epic. Just Epic.

Before my number 1 pick, here are a few honorable mentions:

Ella's elimination in Total Drama Pahkitew Island

Harold's elimination in Total Drama Island

The Goths elimination in Total Drama Presents the Ridonculous Race

Duncan's 2nd elimination in Total Drama World Tour

Izzy's 1st elimination in Total Drama Action

Sam's elimination in Total Drama Revenge of the Island

Zoey's elimination in Total Drama Revenge of the Island

and now, for the moment you've all been waiting for...

....drum rolls please..

1) Mr Coconut's elimination in Total Drama Island.


Best elimination evuh. 

Oh wait, I forgot it's not April 1st anymore. S*it.

Okay, the real number one is....

1) Katie's elimination in Total Drama Island


I bet you didn't saw this coming. Yes, this is my number one favorite elimination of the whole franchise. Why? I'll explain. As I said it already, I adore sad and shocking scenes. This elimination was shocking because we didn't know who will go home, Katie or Sadie? Which one? Both of the them had the same chances of going home that night, and me and all of my friends thought Sadie will be the one going home since Katie was good in the Dodgeball challenge. But nope, it was Katie. And when they found out who's going home that night, Katie started to cry, Sadie started to freak out, and Katie, like Beth, said a VERY beautiful and emotional speech to Sadie that always, always makes me cry when I rewatch TDI. It's one of the reasons why I like these 2 characters more than I should. If Katie's speech wasn't enough, the goodbye scene at the end... oh God. Those feels. Do you know why many people liked the first season more than the others? Well, probably because many of the scenes in that season felt very relatable, like we are watching an actual reality show and not a cartoon. This is not only of those scenes, but also the best out of all of them. It's amazing. Beautiful. 

Well, that was my Top 10 Favorite eliminations of the franchise. What do you think of my list? What is your list? Please tell me in the comments below.

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