I wanted to create this blog for a very long time now. Ever since this episode aired in Italy, it's just getting more and more hate from the "fans" of the show.

I'm not saying that this is the best finale of the franchise. (It's not even in the top 4) but I think it gets a lot of unreasonable hate. Why do many people hate this episode? Well.. 

1) Dave

2) Sky

3) Chris

4) Dave and Sky 

As you can see, these are the reasons why most of the people on the internet hate this episode, and here's my main problem with this. Shawn and Jasmine BARELY get mentioned in the reviews. Just go and read an "animated atrocity" of this episode. None of them mentions Shawn and Jasmine. People act like Dave and Sky were the only characters in this episode. Who cares about the sweet Jasmine x Shawn moments? Or Shawn's ending (Which was btw really good) ? Dave and Sky were bad and that's all that matters! 

Look guys, every bad thing has positive things to it. While "The Final Wreck-Ening" was terrible, I did like the Heather and Alejandro moments and Chris had some funny lines. Sundae Muddy Sundae also had some funny Scott moments and the challenge was pretty good. But there are people on the internet who threat these episodes like they are made by the Devil himself. 

There are people who insult the writers of these infamous episodes. Calling them idiots, a**holes, f*ckers. Yeah, cause making a bad episode of a cartoon automatically makes you a bad person. Terry McGurrin gets a lot of hate for some of the episodes that he wrote. People want him to frickin lose his job. I am not kidding here. That's just sick in so many ways if you ask me. This fandom has some of the meanest people that I've ever seen. I feel bad for Terry, because he's actually a really good person. So is everyone who's working on this show, even Ed MacDonald, who was considered to be the "Satan" of Total Drama back in the TDAS days. 

Back to Lies, Cries and one Big Prize, the episode to me was really good. Loved the challenge, loved the Jasmine x Shawn moments and especially loved the drama in this episode between Jasmine and Shawn and Dave and Sky. Sky really wanted to win. She kissed Dave so he can be a better helper. Many people called Sky an "Evil b*tch" when she did that, but I can understand her. She said it many times that she wants to WIN and now she's in the finale. Put yourself in Sky's place for a second.  The whole "Keith" thing was a good plot twist imo but it was OBVIOUS at that point that Shawn is the canon winner. Dave went nuts which was interesting, but really idiotic too because he wanted to hurt Shawn as well. You know, the guy who was always nice to him and was there when Dave needed help. Let's just kill him yogogogogo. Overall, the finale was pretty good to me, but definitely not the best, and I really missed the other eliminated characters like Sugar, Ella, Scarlett, and believe it or not, Topher. 
Shawn wins

I'm not saying that everyone should like this episode. It's fine if you dislike it, but please talk about everything that has happened in the episode and not just one thing. It's like hating Emma for the Nemma plotline, but completely ignoring her development throughout the race and her relationship with Kitty.  

Thank you for reading this blog. Please comments your thoughts on it and have a wonderful day! 

P.S I still like Milk