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Hello my boos! A lot of people have been doing this recently, so I think I should do it too. Before I start my Prediction, I just wanna say that I don't dislike anyone from this spin-off so far. I think some of them are amazing, while some of them are just average. Oh and, huge spoiler alert. If you didn't watch the first episode so far, then don't read this blog so you won't get spoiled. With that, let's get started.

18th. The Rockers - Rock and Spud

Almost everyone predicts that either the Tennis Rivals or the Step Brothers are going home first. Well I disagree with that. Why? Well, both of the pairs have some plot going on for them. Both rivalries will probably get solved after some episodes, or it will end up like the Amy-Sammy plot. The Rockers on the other hand don't have any plot so far and won't have any. I just can't see them getting far in this competition. They are just too complex.

17th. Larpers - Leonard and Tammy

I thought Leonard will get far in this spin-off considering that he's the most useless and annoying out of the 4 returning players, but Christine said on Facebook to us that Leonard was a last minute addition. They wanted to put a magician in the show but they said Leonard is good for this role too. So yeah, I doubt he will make it far, but I hope he will have some interactions with the other characters (his interaction with Owen was hilarious), and I hope Tammy will have a original personality.

16th. Step Brothers - Lorenzo and Chet

They are basically what Amy and Sammy would've been if they compete in this show. I doubt they'll make it far for obvious reasons but I think the writers will try to make them like eachother in the end, and 4 or 5 episodes will be enough to make that happen.

15th. Vegans - Miles and Laurie

There are many options of how they can get eliminated. (Eating meat contest, hurting animals, etc). The main reason why I think these two are going home early is because they are Animal lovers. Every Animal lover (except for DJ and Bridgette in TDI) was eliminated early in the competition but they ended up being the fan favorites of their season. Not to mention, like Rock and Spud, this pair is also very complex and pointless.

14th. Adversity Twins - The Camerons

Okay, this is the only pair that I really didn't know what to think about. They are basically TDROTI Cameron but they are not that smart and they are white. Considering their performance in the first episode, they are obvious fodders. I just hope the writers won't rehash TDROTI with these two because if they do, I will seriously stop watching this spin-off.

13th. Daters - Stephanie and Ryan

We all know that this pair is going to be the Duncney of the season which means they won't win, that's for sure. The challenge will take place in China where they'll get eliminated, you know why if you watched the first episode. This show loves foreshadowing future events.

12th. Tennis Rivals - Pete and Jerry 

They should've name the other Tom so they'lll be "Tom and Jerry" lmao. This pair is hilarious which is why I think they'll make it this far. They had a bunch of screen time in the first episode, and characters with many many screen time always make it far. They were good in the first challenge of the episode, but in the second one they were awful. They are also the only adults pair in this competition.

11th. Sisters - Emma and Kitty

I know that many people love this pair and everybody predicts they'll make far in the competition, but why? Emma is the competitive one from the 2, while Kitty didn't care about the competition at all. Remember Dakota and Topher. Both characters had an important storyline and where eliminated before the merge and that's why I think Emma and Kitty will go home before the final 10. Kitty wil obviously cost some challenges which will make her sister mad and mad and mad. This pair can't win unless they change Kitty's personality.

10th. Goths - Ennui and Queen Crimson

This pair didn't do anything. They were just there. Even B was more important than these 2 in the first episode. So why I think they'll make it this far? Well, for one, they are Julie's favorites. I just can't see someone liking a pair that will get eliminated like first or second the most. Second, the character description for them in the recent Fresh TV blog. They clearly want to hide something about them from us. The same thing happened when we got the character description for Scarlett. Also, their designs are just too well done. 

9th. Surfer Dudes - Geoff and Brody

TheEpicDestroyer clearly explained why this pair will make it here. Everything that he said was perfect and made sense. Read his blog to know why I think this pair will make this far.

8th. Mother and Daughter - Taylor and Kelly

This pair is incredible. It was so good in the first episode, that I just can't see this pair going home early. Taylor is basically the Amy of the season but less cruel, while Kelly is the Sammy of the season but older, smarter, hotter and more experienced. I hope there will be a Dwayne and Kelly relationship and a Taylor-Junior friendship. (I hope Junior will have a crush on Taylor like how Finn had on Princess Bubblegum in Adventure Time). These 2 pairs have too many things in common. I predict in their last episode, Taylor will learn to respect her mother, which will distract them in the competition and get eliminated. Please Fresh TV, make a Dwayne-Kelly relationship happen, PLEASE!

7th. Father and Son - Dwayne and Dwayne Jr.

Basically the same as Taylor and Kelly. They will get so sad about their crushes elimination that they will stop caring about the competition and get eliminated. They will also end up liking eachother in the end.

6th. Geniuses - Ellody and Mary

This is the second most mysterious and questionable pair for me. (The first one is the goths obviously). They can be either Scarletts, or just normal smart girls. I think they will be normal smart girls. Like I said it before, I don't want them to rehash plots from TD with new characters, because if they do, I will stop watching this thing. Their intelligence will definitely make them getting far in the competition. 

5th. Reality TV Pros - Owen and Noah

The Writers love Owen, and the fandom loves Noah. Put them together, and we have a confirmed pair that will definitely make far. I also think these 2 will be the main comic relief of the season. The last veteran pair getting 5th place would be perfect.

4th. Fashion Bloggers - Tom and Jen

This pair was awful in the second challenge (awful in a funny af way) and had luck in the first challenge that the elevator still worked. So why do I think this pair will make it far? Basically why everybody puts them high in their predictions. They are based off of The Creators of the show: Tom McGillis and Jennifer Pertsch. (only their personalities are different). I doubt this pair will win because they have too many problems, but they'll definitely make far in the competition.

3rd. Ice Dancers - Jacques and Josee

Read TheEpicDestroyer's blog again to know why I think this pair will get 3rd place.

Runner Ups: Best Friends - Devin and Carrie

Main storyline of the season, even the blind people can see that. This pair is so important, that it just can't get eliminated early. I doubt they will win because they were the first pair to be released by Fresh TV and I don't think Fresh would spoil us the winners again.

Winners: Police Cadets - Sanders and MacArthur

This pair is perfect. I adore them to death. Sanders is basically the weak but really competitive player who tries her best to win the competition with her partner (like Emma), while MacArthur is basically the strongest and most competitive character in the season. Not to mention, they had the most amount of screentime in the first episode, and that says much. They were seen to don't really like eachother, but unlike Lorenzo and Chet and Jerry and Pete, they seriously want to win and will do anything to win. Like I said, this pair is perfection to me.

Well, that was my prediction. Please comment what did you think of it. Have a nice day!

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