Since Today's Halloween, I decided to make a blog about the most disturbing episodes from Total Drama. Well, Total Drama is not a scary cartoon like Courage or the other cartoons, but there were some episodes that I found disturbing and kinda creepy as well. This doesn't mean I hate these episode, I just found them disturbing a little bit. 

Lies, Cries and One Big Prize

The thing that I found disturbing in this episode was Dave when he found out about Keith. I was a little bit 


Izzy, you have been replaced.

scared when he started to scream like a psycho, I almost thought he's going to punch Sky, but thank god he didn't. He was even scarier after that, he didn't care about Sky and Shawn's safety, he just wanted to kill them (Sky the most). That's just creepy. 

The Treasure Island of Dr. McLean

Dakota's mutation. Enough said. 
Dakota's Transformation

From beautiful to Scary.

Hawaiian Punch

The animation in this episode was just creepy. Like when Cody throws Courtney off of him, he made a pretty disturbing face (and girls still call him cute), the Alejandro... you know what he did with that pineapple. If that wasn't enough, there was Feral Zeke at the end. 



HP - AlternateEndingEzekielLungesAtChris

Stop This!

These were the only episodes that I found scary, creepy or disturbing. But which episode was the most disturbing to you? Comment if you want.

And again, HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!! >:)


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