Hey Ya'll it's time to make another "a good or a bad character" blog. It's time to make one for a male character from the second generation, Lightning!

Lightning in in the first 10 episodes of TDROTI was like TDI Owen in the fans eyes. While he was floater, he was funny and actually likeable. He had some really good lines and interactions. He had a big fanbase. People
Betray lightning betray camp

The moment when people started to hate Lightning.

started to hate him in episode 11 mainly because of much of a jerk he was to Cameron. He was even meaner and dumber in the 12th episode. He was so hated by the fandom. Not so many people rooted for him in the finale... In TDAS he started to gain fans again. He wasn't mean and he had some really good interactions that the fandom liked, such as with: Heather, Gwen, Alejandro, Jo and Scott. People thought he was hilarious in TDAS, especially in Evil Dread. Some people even think he was the best character in TDAS. You have to admit, TDAS made a good thing, it made Lightning likeable again! 

Imo, Lightning is the best male character in the series. He's funny, hilarious, he has one of the best designs on the series imo, his voice is amazing, etc. Even in the last 3 episode of TDROTI, he was so funny to me. I hope I'll see in a future season again. I want to see him interact with Amy and Sammy for some reason, and I tots ship him with Lindsay. ;) 

What's your opinion on him? Comment your opinion on him (only of you want).   


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